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Are the Rural Schools of the Democratic Republic of Congo Ready for the $100 Laptop?

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The situation of schools in the Democratic Republic of Congo in matters concerning new information and communication technologies remains alarming. Given the primary role of these technologies in teaching and learning, as well as the concern of giving Congolese rural schools access to these tools, considering the problems of lack of electricity, telephones, ventilation, the cost of computer equipment, etc. we propose the following strategies which may facilitate the introduction, access and effective use of such educational tools. Addressing these problems and through a commitment to the use of ICT in rural schools, the new $100 Laptop, proposed by MIT, appears to be the answer to many of the issues. The cost of the laptop seems to be affordable and it can solve the issue of the lack of ICT equipment and overcome the problem of the lack of electricity, but it is not so straightforward. It is true that these laptops can help to solve the ICT problems being faced in the educational sector. However, even at the seemingly affordable cost of $100, this is still expensive in some local economies. In a country such as Congo, where teachers receive less than $100 for a monthly salary, it becomes improbable that the people or the Department of Education can afford this financial outlay.

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Author:Banza, Nsomwe-a- Nfunkwa
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Report
Geographic Code:6ZAIR
Date:Oct 1, 2006
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