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Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries? Discourses on Godel, Magic Hexagrams, Little Red Riding Hood, and Other Mathematical and Pseudoscience Topics.


At age 89, Gardner continues to be one of the most prolific science writers. His works regularly appear in The Skeptical Inquirer, Scientific American, and the Los Angeles Times. This compendium of recent articles from those publications reflects the breadth of Gardner's interests and expertise in math, religion, and literature. The author elucidates Mobius strips, details the ideas of Richard Feynman on time travel, examines the life and times of a modern would-be messiah, and dissects the massive ego and insecurities of Ernest Hemingway. Gardner uses this forum to debunk some claims, including the benefits of therapeutic touch and primal-scream therapy. Norton, 2003, 288 p., hardcover, $25.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Aug 9, 2003
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Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries?
Are Universes Thicker Than Blackberries?

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