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Articles from Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (September 1, 2015)

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A Brief Review and Update of the Clinicopathologic Diagnosis of Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy. McGregor, Stephanie M.; Husain, Aliya N. 4848
A Call to Standardize Preanalytic Data Elements for Biospecimens, Part II. Robb, James A.; Bry, Lynn; Sluss, Patrick M.; Wagar, Elizabeth A.; Kennedy, Mary F. 2670
Advocating Nonsurgical Management of Patients With Small, Incidental Radial Scars at the Time of Needle Core Biopsy: A Study of 77 Cases. Matrai, Cathleen; DAlfonso, Timothy M.; Pharmer, Lindsay; Drotman, Michele B.; Simmons, Rache M.; Sh 4145
Assessing Clinical Laboratory Quality: A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes Study of Prothrombin Time INR Structures, Processes, and Outcomes in 98 Laboratories. Howanitz, Peter J.; Darcy, Theresa P.; Meier, Frederick A.; Bashleben, Christine P. 6658
Decreased Clinical Laboratory Turnaround Time After Implementation of a Collection Manager System. Behling, Kathryn C.; Marrone, Dale; Hunter, Krystal; Bierl, Charlene Letter to the editor 766
Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma: A Clinicopathologic Review With an Emphasis on Diagnostic Differentiation From Other T-Cell/Natural Killer-Cell Neoplasms. Shi, Yang; Wang, Endi Clinical report 5729
Keratin Expression Patterns in Stromal Cells of Benign Sclerosing Lesions of the Breast: A Potential Diagnostic Pitfall. Oh, Eun-Yeong; Collins, Laura C. 3916
Malignant (Diffuse) Mesothelioma in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies a Clinicopathologic Study of 45 Cases. Li, Xin; Brownlee, Noel A.; Sporn, Thomas A.; Mahar, Annabelle; Roggli, Victor L. Report 5595
Molecular Testing in Anatomic Pathology and Adherence to Guidelines: A College of American Pathologists Q-Probes Study of 2230 Testing Events Reported by 26 Institutions. Volmar, Keith E.; Idowu, Michael O.; Souers, Rhona J.; Nakhleh, Raouf E. 7981
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Support for the American Expeditionary Forces by the US Army Medical Corps During World War I. Wright, James R., Jr.; Baskin, Leland B. 10226
Practical Applications in Immunohistochemistry: Evaluation of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Related Large B-Cell Lymphomas. O'Malley, Dennis P.; Auerbach, Aaron; Weiss, Lawrence M. 11747
Primary Anal Canal Syphilis in Men: The Clinicopathologic Spectrum of an Easily Overlooked Diagnosis. Gopal, Purva; Shah, Rajal B. 3636
Primary Bone Tumors: Epidemiologic Comparison of 9200 Patients Treated at Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, Beijing, China, With 10 165 Patients at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. Niu, Xiaohui; Xu, Hairong; Inwards, Carrie Y.; Li, Yuan; Ding, Yi; Letson, G. Douglas; Bui, Marilyn 5751
Rhesus Immune Globulin Dosing in the Obesity Epidemic Era. Pham, Huy P.; Marques, Marisa B.; Williams, Lance A. III Letter to the editor 740
Template for Reporting Results of Biomarker Testing of Specimens From Patients With Tumors of the Central Nervous System. Brat, Daniel J.; Cagle, Philip T.; Dillon, Deborah A.; Hattab, Eyas M.; McLendon, Roger E.; Miller, Clinical report 5256

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