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Articles from Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (November 1, 2013)

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A prospective, multi-institutional diagnostic trial to determine pathologist accuracy in estimation of percentage of malignant cells. Viray, Hollis; Li, Kevin; Long, Thomas A.; Vasalos, Patricia; Bridge, Julia A.; Jennings, Lawrence J Report 2497
BerEp4, cytokeratin 14, and cytokeratin 17 immunohistochemical staining aid in differentiation of basaloid squamous cell carcinoma from basal cell carcinoma with squamous metaplasia. Linskey, Katy R.; Gimbel, Devon C.; Zukerberg, Lawrence R.; Duncan, Lyn M.; Sadow, Peter M.; Nazaria Report 5040
Decreased expressions of toll-like receptor 9 and its signaling molecules in chronic hepatitis B virus--infected patients. Sajadi, Seyyed Mohammad Ali; Mirzaei, Vahid; Hassanshahi, Gholamhossein; Khorramdelazad, Hossein; Da Report 3640
Histologic and immunohistochemical analyses of endometrial carcinomas: experiences from endometrial biopsies in 358 consultation cases. Wei, Jian-Jun; Paintal, Ajit; Keh, Pacita Report 5576
Histopathologic diagnosis of pediatric neoplasms: a review of international consultations. Santiago, Teresa C.; Jenkins, Jesse J. Report 4972
Immunostaining for rapid diagnosis of acute promyelocytic leukemia with the tetramethylrhodamine 5-isothiocyanate--conjugated anti-promyelocytic leukemia monoclonal antibody PG-M3. Alayed, Khaled M.; Medeiros, L. Jeffrey; Phan, Danh; Ojiaku, Chinemerem; Patel, Jyoti; Yap, Jan Paul Report 3300
Implementation of the Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology: observations from the 2011 thyroid supplemental questionnaire of the College of American Pathologists. Auger, Manon; Nayar, Ritu; Khalbuss, Walid E.; Barkan, Guliz A.; Benedict, Cynthia C.; Tambouret, Ro Report 4360
Lack of standards for the detection of melanoma in sentinel lymph nodes: a survey and recommendations. Dekker, John; Duncan, Lyn M. Survey 5296
Myeloid sarcoma of the head and neck region. Zhou, Jane; Bell, Diana; Medeiros, L. Jeffrey Report 6050
Patterns in immunohistochemical usage in extended core prostate biopsies: comparisons among genitourinary pathologists and nongenitourinary pathologists. Plourde, Anna; Gross, Alden; Jiang, Zhong; Owens, Christopher L. Report 3414
Pleomorphic lobular carcinoma of the breast: a morphologically and clinically distinct variant of lobular carcinoma. Butler, Dawn; Rosa, Marilin Report 2919
Primary clear cell sarcoma of the tongue. Kraft, Stefan; Antonescu, Cristina R.; Rosenberg, Andrew E.; Deschler, Daniel G.; Nielsen, G. Petur Clinical report 2671
Pulmonary hemorrhage with capillaritis secondary to mycophenolate mofetil in a heart-transplant patient. Gorgan, Maria; Bockorny, Bruno; Lawlor, Michael; Volpe, John; Fiel-Gan, Mary Report 2552
Recalled items and the American board of pathology certification examinations: what constitutes cheating? Davey, Diane Davis 2531
Reference intervals of reticulated platelets and other platelet parameters and their associations. Hoffmann, Johannes J.M.L.; van den Broek, Nicole M.A.; Curvers, Joyce Report 4015
Renal lymph nodes for tumor staging: appraisal of 871 nephrectomies with examination of hilar fat. Mehta, Vikas; Mudaliar, Kumaran; Ghai, Ritu; Quek, Marcus L.; Milner, John; Flanigan, Robert C.; Pic Report 5180
Review of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, and her-2/neu immunohistochemistry impacts on treatment for a small subset of breast cancer patients transferring care to another institution. Jorns, Julie M.; Healy, Patrick; Zhao, Lili Report 2876
Room for improvement: initial experience with anal cytology: observations from the college of American pathologists interlaboratory comparison program in nongynecologic cytology. Darragh, Teresa M.; Winkler, Barbara; Souers, Rhona J.; Laucirica, Rodolfo; Zhao, Chengquan; Moriart Report 3170
Should "indeterminate" diagnoses be used for thyroid fine-needle aspirates of nodules smaller than 1 cm? Renshaw, Andrew A.; Gould, Edwin W. Report 2494
Standardized synoptic cancer pathology reports-- so what and who cares? A population-based satisfaction survey of 970 pathologists, surgeons, and oncologists. Lankshear, Sara; Srigley, John; McGowan, Thomas; Yurcan, Marta; Sawka, Carol Report 3409
The expression of PTEN is associated with improved prognosis in patients with ampullary adenocarcinoma after pancreaticoduodenectomy. Report 5409
The utility of the BIOMED-2 primers in the detection of 2 clonal, B-lymphoproliferative disorders simultaneously involving the same site. Ly, Brenda; Cotta, Claudiu V. Report 4432
Thyroid fine-needle aspiration reporting rates and outcomes before and after Bethesda implementation within a combined academic and community hospital system. Harvey, Aaron M.; Mody, Dina R.; Amrikachi, Mojgan Report 4252
Top 5 junior member abstracts announced at cap' 13. 460
Unexpected high prevalence of HPV 90 infection in an underserved population: is it really a low-risk genotype? Quiroga-Garza, Gabriela; Zhou, Haijun; Mody, Dina R.; Schwartz, Mary R.; Ge, Yimin Report 3693
US food and drug administration--approved laboratory tests after Caronia. Allen, Timothy Craig 1169
Use of an automated coagulation analyzer to perform heparin neutralization with polybrene in blood samples for routine coagulation testing: practical, rapid, and inexpensive. Tientadakul, Panutsaya; Kongkan, Chulalak; Chinswangwatanakul, Wimol Report 5055
Utility of flow cytometry of cerebrospinal fluid as a screening tool in the diagnosis of central nervous system lymphoma. Pittman, Meredith; Treese, Susan; Chen, Ling; Frater, John L.; Nguyen, TuDung T.; Hassan, Anjum; Kre Report 5808

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