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Articles from Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (June 1, 2011)

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A case of black esophagus with histopathologic description and characterization. Altenburger, Dana L.; Wagner, Aaron S.; Li, Shuan; Garavaglia, Jan 1183
A fatal central nervous system enterovirus 68 infection. Kreuter, Justin D.; Barnes, Arti; McCarthy, James E.; Schwartzman, Joseph D.; Oberste, M. Steven; Rh 2127
Aberrant CpG island hypermethylation in pediatric gastric mucosa in association with helicobacter pylori infection. Shin, So-Hyun; Park, Seog-Yun; Ko, Jae-Sung; Kim, Nayoung; Kang, Gyeong Hoon 3859
Acidophilic nuclear inclusions are specific for florid ductal hyperplasia among proliferative breast lesions. Lauer, Scott; Oprea-Ilies, Gabriela; Cohen, Cynthia; Adsay, Volkan; Adams, Amy L. 2328
Blue nevus of the prostate. Dailey, Virginia L.; Hameed, Omar 2333
Characterization of CXCR4 expression in Chondrosarcoma of bone. Bai, Shuting; Wang, Dezhi; Klein, Michael J.; Siegal, Gene P. 3595
Citius, Altius, Fortius--self-assessment in pathology and laboratory medicine: College of American pathologists self-assessment module committee. Hernandez, James S.; Hicks, David G. 1158
Clinical implications of margin involvement by pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ. Downs-Kelly, Erinn; Bell, Diana; Perkins, George H.; Sneige, Nour; Middleton, Lavinia P. 4717
Collagenous sprue: a rare, severe small-bowel malabsorptive disorder. Zhao, Xiangrong; Johnson, Rebecca L. 5222
Comparison of formalin-free tissue fixatives: a proteomic study testing their application for routine pathology and research. Kothmaier, Hannelore; Rohrer, Daniela; Stacher, Elvira; Quehenberger, Franz; Becker, Karl-Friedrich; 5723
Four molecular subtypes of colorectal cancer and their precursor lesions. Kang, Gyeong Hoon Disease/Disorder overview 4461
Modern concepts on the role of inflammation in pulmonary fibrosis. Homer, Robert J.; Elias, Jack A.; Lee, Chun Gun; Herzog, Erica 9462
Molecular signatures of pancreatic cancer. Hong, Seung-Mo; Park, Jason Y.; Hruban, Ralph H.; Goggins, Michael 10715
p63 expression in giant cell-containing lesions of bone and soft tissue. de la Roza, Gustavo 2421
Practical neuropathology synoptic reporting for central nervous system tumors. Becher, Mark W. 2392
Synoptic reporting for central nervous system tumors: has its time come? Lehman, Norman L. 1815
The 9th spring seminar of the Korean pathologists association of North America. Lee, Eun Y.; Ro, Jae Y. 1004
The College of American pathologists and National Society for Histotechnology workload study. Kohl, Shane K.; Lewis, Sue E.; Tunnicliffe, Janet; Lott, Robert L.; Spencer, Lena T.; Carson, Freida Survey 7605
Third-track pathology: in unambiguous support of the banbury conference report. Musser, James M. Conference notes 1344
Uniform expression of Notch1, suppressor of B-cell-specific gene expression, in plasmablastic lymphoma. Seegmiller, Adam C.; Wang, Huan-You; Hladik, Christa; Chen, Weina 3433
Update on precursor and early lesions of hepatocellular carcinomas. Park, Young Nyun 6575
Where and by whom should gastric cancer HER2/neu status be assessed? Lessons from breast cancer. Salto-Tellez, Manuel; Yau, Ee Xuan; Yan, Benedict; Fox, Stephen B. 2052

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