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Articles from Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (March 1, 2002)

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A review of articles from last month's Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. (Test Your Memory). 257
Assessment of Epstein-Barr virus association with pediatric non-Hodgkin lymphoma in immunocompetent and in immunocompromised patients in Argentina. (Original Articles). Chabay, Paola A.; De Matteo, Elena N.; Aversa, Luis; Maglio, Silvana; Grinstein, Saul; Preciado, Mar 3246
Cavernous hemangioma of spermatic cord: report of a case with immunohistochemical study. (Case Reports). Liokumovich, Pavel; Herbert, Mehrdad; Sandbank, Judith; Schvimer, Michael; Dolberg, Leah Brief Article 726
Changes in automated complete blood cell count and differential leukocyte count results induced by storage of blood at room temperature. (Original Articles). Gulati, Gene L.; Hyland, Lawrence J.; Kocher, William; Schwarting, Rolland 5156
Clinical trials in vascular gene therapy: the missing piece of the puzzle. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Simari, Robert D.; O'Brien, Timothy 2145
Cosleeping and sudden unexpected death in infancy. (Original Articles). Person, Tiffany L.A.; Lavezzi, Wendy A.; Wolf, Barbara C. 2820
Enterocolonic Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare. (Images in Pathology). Wu, Mark Li-cheng; Poles, Michael A.; Thompson, Andrew D.; Dry, Sarah M. Brief Article 254
Extranodal posttransplant plasmacytic hyperplasia with subsequent posttransplant plasmacytic malignancy: six-year interval case report and review of the literature. (Case Reports). Dunphy, Cherie H.; Galambos, Csaba; Polski, Jacek M.; Evans, H. Lance; Gardner, Laura J.; Grosso, Le 3230
Flow Cytometry: First Principles. Ross, Charles W. Book Review 556
Genetic polymorphisms associated with venous and arterial thrombosis; an overview. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Kottke-Marchant, Kandice 8514
Group for Research in Pathology Education online resources to facilitate pathology instruction. (Teaching Pathology and Laboratory Medicine). Jones, Kristopher N.; Kreisle, Regina; Geiss, Roger W.; Holliman, John H.; Lill, Patsy H.; Anderson, 2423
Human lymphocyte antigen molecular typing: how to identify the 1250+ alleles out there. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Gerlach, John A. 3772
Influence of platelet collagen receptor polymorphisms on risk for arterial thrombosis. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Furihata, Kenichi; Nugent, Diane J.; Kunicki, Thomas J. 5896
Kala azar associated with malaria. (Images in Pathology). Sah, Shatrughan Prasad; Sharma, Sanjib Kumar; Rani, Sudha Brief Article 682
Malakoplakia of liver diagnosed by a needle core biopsy; a case report and review of the literature. (Case Reports). Hartman, Grace; Yong, Sherri L.; Chejfec, Gregorio 1457
Malignant intrahepatic biliary papillomatosis associated with viral C cirrhosis. (Case Reports). Mourra, Najat; Hannoun, Laurent; Rousvoal, Geraldine; Parc, Rolland; Flejou, Jean-Francois 1577
Mental tools for thinking about DNA technologies in new ways. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Root-Bernstein, Robert; Root-Bernstein, Michele 3039
Mesenteric paraganglioma: a case report and review of the literature. (Case Reports). Jaffer, Shabnam; Harpaz, Noam 1357
Mitochondrial DNA-related mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Swerdlow, Russell H. 9532
Molecular testing in the diagnosis and management of hepatitis C virus infection. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Podzorski, Raymond P. 5278
Morphologic spectrum of estrogen receptor-negative breast carcinoma. (Original Articles). Scawn, Richard; Shousha, Sami 4323
Multiple myeloma in association with sarcoidosis: a case report and review of the literature. (Case Reports). Sen, Filiz; Mann, Karen P.; Medeiros, L. Jeffrey Statistical Data Included 2417
Pathologic quiz case: a 3-year-old boy with new-onset partial seizures. (Residents' Pages). Gupta, Ajay; Prayson, Richard A. 1428
Pathologic quiz case: a papillary ovarian tumor in a 4-year-old girl. (Residents' Pages). Omeroglu, Atilla; Husain, Aliya N.; Siziopikou, Kalliopi 1017
Pathologic quiz case: patient with systemic sclerosis and anemia. (Residents' Pages). Brumit, Marla; Carter, Elliott Brief Article 907
Pierre Paul Broca. (A Portrait in History). Jay, Venita Biography 895
Postmortem diagnosis of "occult" Klinefelter syndrome in a patient with chronic renal disease and liver cirrhosis. (Case Reports). Matsuoka, Kentaro; Orikasa, Hideki; Eyden, Brian; Yamazaki, Kazuto 1495
Prognostic Factors in Cancer. Compton, Carolyn Book Review 511
Prospects for microtechnology and nanotechnology in bioengineering of replacement microvessels. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Moldovan, Nicanor I.; Ferrari, Mauro 3991
Staining of sentinel node reticulum cells with cytokeratin antibody AE3. (Letters to the Editor). Letter to the Editor 788
The microbiology laboratory's role in response to bioterrorism. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Robinson-Dunn, Barbara 2868
The postgenomic era: implications for the clinical laboratory. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Kiechle, Frederick L.; Zhang, Xinbo 7458
Trends in genomic analysis of the cardiovascular system. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Moldovan, Leni; Moldovan, Nicanor I. 7194
Utilizing genomic DNA purified from clotted blood samples for single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping. (Advances in the Science of Pathology). Adkins, Karissa K.; Strom, Daniel A.; Jacobson, Thomas E.; Seemann, Cara R.; O'Brien, Darin P.; Heat 2905

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