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Articles from Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (November 1, 2000)

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A Case of Small Polypoid Esophageal Carcinoma With Multidirectional Differentiation, Including Neuroendocrine, Squamous, Ciliated Glandular, and Sarcomatous Components. Kanamoto, Akira; Nakanishi, Yukihiro; Ochiai, Atsushi; Shimoda, Tadakazu; Yamaguchi, Hajime; Tachimo 1474
A Review of Articles From Last Month's Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine. 318
Angiomyofibroblastoma of the Male Inguinal Region. Ito, Makoto; Yamaoka, Hideyuki; Sano, Kenji; Hotchi, Masao 1512
Atypical Hairy Cell Leukemia. Wu, Mark L.; Kwaan, Hau C.; Goolsby, Charles L. 2890
C282Y Mutation and Hepatic Iron Status in Hepatitis C and Cryptogenic Cirrhosis. Lal, Priti; Fernandes, Helen; Koneru, Baburao; Albanese, Ernest; Hameed, Meera 3133
Cholangiocarcinoma Occurring in a Liver With Multiple Bile Duct Hamartomas (von Meyenburg Complexes). Rocken, C.; Pross, M.; Brucks, U.; Ridwelski, K.; Roessner, A. 1998
Clostridium septicum Bacteremia in the Pediatric Population. CAYA, JAMES G. 488
Combined Pleomorphic Xanthoastrocytoma-Ganglioglioma of the Cerebellum. Evans, Andrew J.; Fayaz, Imran; Cusimano, Michael D.; Laperriere, Norman; Bilbao, Juan M. 2038
Coming or Going? What Is Cirrhosis? Geller, Stephen A. 1234
Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation of the Lung. Shilo, Konstantin; Tomashefski, Joseph F. Jr,; Liu, Yao Chang 393
Cytogenetic Profile of a Thymoma. Mirza, Imran; Kazimi, Syed Nadeem; Ligi, Richard; Burns, Jacqueline; Braza, Frank 1520
Deep Venous Thrombosis in a 21-Year-Old Woman With a Retroperitoneal Mass. Gelikman, Gregory; Islam, Shahidul; Benson, Paul; Zaher, Aiman 1448
Effect of Image Compression on Telepathology. Marcelo, Alvin; Fontelo, Paul; Farolan, Miguel; Cualing, Hernani 2499
Evaluation of Axillary Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy by Immunohistochemistry and Multilevel Sectioning in Patients With Breast Carcinoma. Liu, Lucy H.; Siziopikou, Kalliopi P.; Gabram, Sheryl; McClatchey, Kenneth D. 2865
Expert Review of Histologic Slides and Papanicolaou Tests in the Context of Litigation or Potential Litigation. Fitzgibbons, Patrick L.; Austin, R. Marshall 1886
Female With Episodic Abdominal Pain. Croft, Philip R.; Adegboyega, Patrick A. 1954
Fibroadenoma Mimicking Papillary Carcinoma on ThinPrep of Fine-Needle Aspiration of the Breast. Myers, Timothy; Wang, Helen H. 2028
Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma Presenting as a Submucosal Tumor of the Stomach. Han, Jae-Ho; Kim, Se-Hoon; Noh, Sung-Hun; Lee, Yong-Chan; Kim, Ho-Guen; Yang, Woo-Ick 2985
Histologic Changes of the Gastric Mucosa Associated With Primary Gastric Lymphoma in Endoscopic Biopsy Specimens. Arista-Nasr, Julian; Herrera-Goepfert, Roberto; Lazos-Ochoa, Minerva; Pichardo, Raul 2647
Hyperplasia of Type II Pneumocytes in Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis. Matsui, Kazuhiro; Riemenschneider, William K.; Hilbert, Stephen L.; Yu, Zu-Xi; Takeda, Kazuyo; Travi 4099
In Reply. Wanless, Ian R. 1133
Is Cirrhosis of the Liver a Reversible Disease? Chejfec, Gregorio 850
Male With Increasing Abdominal Girth. Chand, Eric M.; McNeely, Timothy W.; Freant, Lawrence J. 1281
Malignant Giant Cell Tumor of Synovium (Malignant Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis). Layfield, Lester J.; Meloni-Ehrig, Aurelia; Liu, Katharine; Shepard, Rebecca; Harrelson, John M. 5163
Metastatic Osteosarcoma Presenting as a Small-Bowel Polyp. Panizo-Santos, Angel; Sola, Iosu; Lozano, MariaDolores; de Alava, Enrique; Pardo, Javier 1406
Molecular Evidence of Bacteremia by Gastrointestinal Pathogenic Bacteria in an Infant Mummy From Ancient Egypt. Zink, Albert; Reischl, Udo; Wolf, Hans; Nerlich, Andreas G. 3000
Pathophysiology of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia. Fabris, Fabrizio; Ahmad, Sarfraz; Cella, Giuseppe; Jeske, Walter P.; Walenga, Jeanine M.; Fareed, Ja 8656
Performance Characteristics of the Becton Dickinson ProbeTec System for Direct Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Male and Female Urine Specimens in Comparison With the Roche Cobas System. Chan, Edward L.; Brandt, Ken; Olienus, Karen; Antonishyn, Nick; Horsman, Greg B. 3484
Primary T-Cell-Rich B-Cell Lymphoma Masquerading as a Meningioma. Amaker, Barbara H.; Ghatak, Nitya R.; Jebraili, Sean A.; Ferreira-Gonzalez, Andrea; Kornstein, Micha 1975
Redesigned Proficiency Testing Materials Improve Survey Outcomes for Prostate-Specific Antigen. Sokoll, Lori J.; Witte, David L.; Klee, George G.; Chan, Daniel W. 4941
Regression of Cirrhosis: A Timely Topic. Ray, Mukunda B. 1027
Regression of Human Cirrhosis. Chedid, Antonio 731
Regression of Human Cirrhosis: Morphologic Features and the Genesis of Incomplete Septal Cirrhosis. Wanless, Ian R.; Nakashima, Eisuke; Sherman, Morris 4191
Right Breast Mass With Atypical Features. Sovani, Vinayak K.; Adegboyega, Patrick A. 980
Right Middle Lobe Atelectasis Associated With Endobronchial Silicotic Lesions. Chien, Hsiu-Ping; Lin, Tao-Ping; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Huang, Thomas W. 2230
Serum Hepatitis C Virus RNA Levels and Histologic Findings in Liver Allografts With Early Recurrent Hepatitis C. Park, Young Nyun; Boros, Peter; Zhang, David Y.; Sheiner, Patricia; Kim-Schluger, Leona; Thung, Swan 3810
Sir Patrick Manson: Father of Tropical Medicine. Jay, Venita 1462
Smooth Muscle Tumor of the Pleura. Proca, Daniela M.; Ross, Patrick Jr.; Pratt, Jerry; Frankel, Wendy L. 3210
The Institute of Medicine's Report on Medical Error. Sirota, Ronald L. 4314
Time-Limited Certification in Pathology. ZUMWALT, ROSS; TROXEL, DAVID B. 359
Vulvar Hypertrophy With Lymphedema. Vang, Russell; Connelly, John H.; Hammill, Hunter A.; Shannon, Rhonda L. 1288

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