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25 years ago

An anti-hay fever drug available on prescription in the West Midlands is being withdrawn because of a cancer scare. Experiments on rats in America have shown that high doses of the drug over long periods caused cancer of the liver. It is methapyrilene and was sold under the trade names Co-Pyronil and Histadyl EC. A Midlands pharmaceuticals distributor said yesterday: 'It is an anti-histamine. As a group of compounds they are in wide circulation. We are obtaining stocks back from chemists.'

The Birmingham Post, July 1979

50 years ago

An increased demand by householders because of the cold weather, together with the needs of extended housing estates, has reduced coal stocks at West Bromwich to a seriously low level. 'Some merchants have no stocks at all and unless the weather improves to allow them to build up their usual reserves the outlook for next winter is rather grim, ' Mr Lou. Turner of the West Bromwich Coal Traders Association told The Birmingham Post last night.

The Birmingham Post, July 1954

100 years ago

Yesterday a new school for girls, cookery, laundry and handicraft centres, and also a new assembly hall, at Mount Pleasant, Coseley, were opened. The amount expended upon the erection of the girls' school has been pounds 3,200, the laundry and cookery centres pounds 1,700 and the handicraft centre pounds 300.

The Birmingham Post, July 1904
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 8, 2004
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