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Articles from Archive of Clinical Cases (June 1, 2017)

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Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: an overview and update. Grigoras, Adriana; Knieling, Laura Adriana; Amalinei, Cornelia Disease/Disorder overview 4799
Clinical arrhythmology--an essential field of cardiology. Floria, Mariana 2017
Complex management of electrical storm in a patient with non-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy. Mitu, Ovidiu; Balasanian, Mircea; Statescu, Cristian; Grecu, Mihaela; Dabija, Anca; Iovoaia, Alexand 2535
Diagnosis and management of a wide QRS regular tachycardia. Chiorescu, Ioana Madalina; Dabija, Eduard; Statescu, Cristian; Grecu, Mihaela; Georgescu, Catalina A 2563
Long-QT syndrome: to be or not to be iatrogenesis--a case report. Marcu, Dragos Traian Marius; Hohaci, Alina; Chiorescu, Madalina Ioana; Plesoianu, Carmen Elena; Stat Report 1708
Minimally invasive epicardial posterior left atrial wall isolation: technique and results. Floria, Mariana; Grecu, Mihaela; Tinica, Grigore 3450
No routine defibrillation threshold testing in all implantable cardioverter-defibrilator recipients--Still a question? Tesloianu, Dan Nicolae; Ursaru, Andreea Maria; Ciudin, Radu Nicolae 4535
Optimal management of Brugada syndrome. Statescu, Cristian; Vasilcu, Teodor; Chiorescu, Ioana Madalina; Tinica, Grigore; Arsenescu-Georgescu Disease/Disorder overview 2272
Sick sinus syndrome--a case report of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia due to atrioventricular node re-entry. Ailoaei, Stefan; Tapoi, Laura Catalina; Culica, Manuela; Lovin, Oana Raluca; Grecu, Mihaela; Lucaci, 2440
Subpectoral pacemaker implant after repeated pocket complications due to "senile pruritus". Ursaru, Andreea-Maria; Ignat, Andreea-Mihaela; Corduneanu, Dana; Mazilu, Gabriel; Petris, Antoniu Oc 2746
To pace or not to pace? Or how to pace? Sus, Ioana; Rudzik, Roxana; Dobreanu, Dan 1542
Wide complex tachycardia--diagnostic and therapeutic challenges. Bezim, Claudia Elena; Ureche, Carina Gabriela; Sascau, Radu Andy; Grecu, Mihaela; Tinica, Grigore; G 1768

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