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'Radical and magical': Edwin Heathcote on Lina Bo Bardi. Heathcote, Edwin May 1, 2019 1133
Southeast Asia's Modern Architecture: Questions of Translation, Epistemology and Power. Book review Mar 1, 2019 127
'Hyper-modern yet curiously medieval': Edwin Heathcote on the Amsterdam School. Heathcote, Edwin Mar 1, 2019 1056
BUILDING: Global warming is dictating urgent changes to the shape of our urban landscapes. In this edited extract from her new book, Data Cities, Davina Jackson explores the interplay between today's pressing environmental concerns and modern architectural thinking. Jackson, Davina Excerpt Feb 1, 2019 1748
Return to form. Hatherley, Owen Jan 1, 2019 1872
Matheus Rocha Pitta: CASA DO SERTANISTA. Martins, Sergio B. Dec 1, 2018 624
'They are intensely modern yet endearingly quaint': Douglas Murphy on seaside piers. Murphy, Douglas Oct 1, 2018 1191
High Tech by hand. Darley, Gillian Sep 1, 2018 1052
Russian newspaper: Baku amazes with its modern architecture. May 3, 2018 229
France,Lithuania : Exhibition of Kaunas Modernism Architecture opened in Paris. Apr 10, 2018 149
Balance of power: Cynthia Davidson on ReActor. Davidson, Cynthia Apr 1, 2017 1820
Politicking for Postwar Modernism: The Architectural Research Group of Ottawa and Montreal. Valen, Dustin Report Mar 22, 2017 16209
Giant steps: Alex Kitnick on the staircase in contemporary architecture. Kitnick, Alex Nov 1, 2016 1709
2016 Modern Architecture Recordkeeping Business Services. Aug 3, 2016 107
Authors say city should be proud of its modern architecture. Mar 24, 2016 633
Modern masters: Richard Calvocoressi examines the contrasting modern missions of two Viennese pioneers. Calvocoressi, Richard Apr 1, 2015 1265
Engage instructors to teach 6 classes of 227pupils Chinese ink & translate modern architecture(Marina Bay Waterfront)into a drawing using traditional method.This is part of school~s effort to infuse S. Feb 2, 2015 102
Modern Architecture in junggyo remodeling (for repair) work. Jun 20, 2014 122
Conception of artistic forms in the 20th century based on an example of Lithuanian architecture/ Meniniu formu samprata XX a. lietuvos architekturos pavyzdziu. Cernauskiene, Ausra Report Jun 1, 2014 2696
Modern Architecture 2014 recording project (including three in the Seoul Central High School Main Building). Feb 22, 2014 133
John C. Parkin, Archives, and Photography: Reflections on the Practice and Presentation of Modern Architecture. Book review Feb 1, 2014 177
Architecture. Stamp, Gavin Nov 1, 2013 1183
Bauhaus: the experiment that changed the world of design. Stern, Fred Nov 1, 2012 1606
Heritage of modern architecture in Lithuania: a theoretical aspect/Moderniosios architekturos paveldas lietuvoje: Teorinis aspektas. Dremaite, Marija Report Sep 1, 2012 7126
Arizona's vant-garde architecture. Toscas, Mariana Editorial Jan 1, 2012 782
Modern architecture and the U.S. campus heritage movement: improvements in attitudes are noticeable, but Modernist campus heritage is still threatened. Buono, Jon Report Apr 1, 2011 7058
History: Colombian modernist Rogelio Salmona had an enriching and enduring impact on Bogota through his mastery of brick. Webb, Michael; Salmona, Rogelio Feb 1, 2011 1201
Michigan celebrates modernism. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 158
A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain: Architecture's Evil Empire? The Triumph & Tragedy of Global Modernism. Buchanan, Peter Jan 1, 2011 956
Another victory for the California philistines as a John Lautner house is needlessly demolished. Dec 1, 2010 449
James Stirling. Whiting, Sarah Brief article Sep 1, 2010 149
Manfred Pernice. Holte, Michael Ned Brief article Sep 1, 2010 143
Mario Botta: Architecture 1960-2010. Lobsingar, Mary Lou Brief article Sep 1, 2010 151
The architectural features and prevalence of contemporary landmarks in Kaunas City/Siuolaikiniu kauno orientyru architekturos bei isplitimo ypatybes. Bruzas, Almantas Report May 1, 2010 2837
Stop 219: Visionary Urbanism. Podcast Feb 5, 2010 115
The end of an era for costly city arts districts? Kolb, Jaffer Dec 1, 2009 1079
James Wines: the 'outsider' who thinks real culture occurs in car parks. Jacob, Sam Conference news Dec 1, 2009 1009
Donald Judd is inaugurated as a 21st-century philosopher-king. Lynch, Claudia; Lynch, Patrick Dec 1, 2009 1044
Coupland's explosive clock tower warps the suburban dream. Jacob, Sam Dec 1, 2009 610
Talent and passion converge at the 2009 World Architecture Festival. Long, Kieran; Slessor, Catherine Dec 1, 2009 659
082 Li Xiadong Atelier. Dec 1, 2009 512
084 Jose Maria Sanchez Garcia. Occupation overview Dec 1, 2009 554
104 Sanjeev Shankar. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 254
Architecture is an affair, not primarily of individual buildings. Lynch, Patrick Dec 1, 2009 1039
A limited yet boundless sensory explosion in darkness. Rattenbury, Kester Dec 1, 2009 559
Black Cube: morphology and phenomenon of initial forms/Juodasis Kubas: pirminiu formu morfologija ir fenomenas. Lupeikis, Kestutis Report Dec 1, 2009 5778
New Lithuanian architecture and wood--trends to update tradition/Naujoji Lietuvos architektura ir medis--tendencijos aktualizuoti tradicija. Gabrenas, Arnoldas Report Dec 1, 2009 4191
Lighting as a symbol of modern architecture/ Apsvietimas kaip architekturos modernumo simbolis. Valevicius, Martynas Report Sep 1, 2009 5239
Blighty throws Curve into the act. Benedict, David Dec 22, 2008 663
Paris or Moscow? Warsaw architects and the image of the modern city in the 1950s. Crowley, David Sep 22, 2008 11807
Wells Coates: maker of a modern British architecture; Fifty years after his death, Elizabeth Darling considers the contribution of Wells Coates, and argues that his attitude towards the optimisation of space remains relevant to the design of interiors today. Darling, Elizabeth Sep 1, 2008 3508
ARCHITECTURE: BETWEEN SPECTACLE AND USE. Pavlovits, Daniel Aug 1, 2008 372
T-square in red square: architects without borders. Bates, Stephen Brief article Jun 22, 2008 301
Architectural quality in the group design of historical sacred places and its decline in modern architecture. Mare, Estelle Alma Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 5009
'Furious and fantastick': The Cooper-Hewitt's exhibition on Piranesi--now in Haarlem-compellingly examines the way that he used his knowledge of classical art to reinvigorate modern design. Adshead, David Apr 1, 2008 1144
The mod pad: cocktail culture comes alive in a new house inspired by retro style. Edwards, Irene Feb 1, 2008 941
The trouble with ornament: revisiting past AR essays, and in discussion with four of Britain's most thoughtful contemporary architects, Rob Gregory considers meaning and significance in British architecture today. Gregory, Rob Nov 1, 2007 1847
Modern Berlin: in his column 'Letter from Berlin' in November 1928, Oscar Bie reviewed the city's new architecture--both retrogressive and progressive. Bie, Oscar Reprint Jun 1, 2006 506
Modern matters. Davey, Peter Jun 1, 2006 865
Le corbusier! Our saviour! The V&A's modernism exhibition presents an intriguing puzzle. Why do the style's dogmas still exert such a grip on so many? Surely it is because modernism is in essence a religion. May 1, 2006 1258
Streamlined: if architects ought to learn from machines, why are attractive buses scrapped, and buildings given doorways that trip people up? Stamp, Gavin Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2006 1237
Vittorio Gregotti. Jan 1, 2006 418
The rebirth of the modern. Danto, Arthur Coleman Jan 31, 2005 2732
Image building. Foster, Hal Oct 1, 2004 5605
Up to the challenge: John Wieland tackles a modernist design near downtown Atlanta. Stanley, Kathleen Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 262
Urban School Facilities: An A-Z Primer. IssueTrak: A CEFPI Brief on Educational Facility Issues. DeJong, William S. Abstract Jul 1, 2004 162
Silver charm: modern interiors in a historic environment: honorable mention: Stieff Silver Building, Baltimore. Babcock, Regina Raiford Jun 1, 2004 729
Speaker tells tale of technology's impact on modern architecture. Brief Article Jan 21, 2004 186
View from Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is now striving energetically to reinvent itself as a model for the post-industrial city of the twenty-first century. Ryan, Raymund Dec 1, 2003 1017
Life cycle: in the following pages, we look at some of the work that was highly regarded by the jury, but about which it could not achieve consensus. We start with this moving crematorium in India. Dec 1, 2003 370
View from Innsbruck: look out Graz and Vienna. Innsbruck is hot on your heels with a growing number of world-class buildings, nurturing a new generation of home-grown architects. Fugenschuh, Daniel Oct 1, 2003 819
"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered". Lunn, Felicity Sep 1, 2003 575
Preserving the recent past. (Forum on the Arts). Burns, Robert Jan 1, 2003 1267
Mourning and Modernism after 9/11: the twin towers were symbolic tombs for urban life long before Al Qaeda struck. (Articles). Blake, Casey Nelson Sep 23, 2002 3076
Constructive urbanity: an attempt to generate a large urban building which relates to the form and experience of city life, while offering varied office accommodation, has generated a result surprisingly related to Constructivism. Jones, Peter Blundell Aug 1, 2002 1614
Mies in America. Castro, Ricardo L. Dec 22, 2001 1950
Aldo van Eyck 1918-1999. Buchanan, Peter Obituary Mar 1, 1999 943
Berlin-London. Mar 1, 1999 804
Dutch divergence. Buchanan, Peter Mar 1, 1999 1720
Villa VPRO. Stam, Piet Mar 1, 1999 1320
Book bunker. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 889
Campus landscape. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 612
Stage play. Ryan, Raymund Mar 1, 1999 752
Earth science. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 753
Printed matter. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 579
School of science. Van Cleef, Connie Mar 1, 1999 509
Life through a lens. McGuire, Penny Mar 1, 1999 818
Learning curve. McGuire, Penny Mar 1, 1999 583
The Architectural Review in the Gulf. Antoniou, Jim May 1, 1998 1806
Wohnfords, or German modern architecture and the appeal of Americanism. Peach, Mark Mar 22, 1997 8844
Work ethics. Davey, Peter Apr 1, 1996 1392
"Light Construction." (modern architecture, various artists, Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York) Pascucci, Ernest Jan 1, 1996 1434
The sublime and modern architecture: unmasking (an aesthetic of) abstraction. Nesbitt, Kate Jan 1, 1995 5689
Rapturous ruptures. Ryan, Raymund Dec 1, 1994 1024
An intemperate argument. Jul 1, 1994 1294
8 wonders of Las Vegas: exploring six decades of high-stakes architecture. Jaffe, Matthew Feb 1, 1994 1213
Towering ambitions: the architecture of modern Toronto. Fulford, Robert May 1, 1993 3337
Shrinkhills. Wickham, Peter Biography Nov 1, 1992 1911
Cesar Pelli sculpts a dramatic skyline. Ruprecht, Gustavo; Gil-Montero, Martha Biography Nov 1, 1990 1358
Light and tunnel. Cockburn, Alexander column Jan 23, 1989 399

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