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GA Architects wins top award for Abu Dhabi hotel project. Aug 11, 2020 374
d3 to host Dubai's first architecture festival in November. Arab News Aug 10, 2020 421
Future architect now pushing for master's degree; RGU has given Moray man strong foundations. KAITLIN EASTON Aug 8, 2020 410
Future architect now pushing for master's degree; ? RGU has given Moray man strong foundations. KAITLIN EASTON Aug 8, 2020 410
Dubai Design District gears up for debut d3 Architecture Fest. Aug 8, 2020 549
Saudi Arabia's Maraya hall in historic AlUlawins major architecture prize. Arab News Aug 5, 2020 493
Essential reading according to architect Gerry Torres. Aug 4, 2020 765
Exhibition showcasing Spanish architect's impression on modern Vigt Nam opens. Aug 3, 2020 495
Youtube star's viral 'Toblerone stairs' got architects and engineers talking. Jul 29, 2020 825
MapA*a student wins in this year's ArchiNEXT competition. Jul 26, 2020 599
MapA*a student wins in this year's ArchiNEXT competition. Jul 26, 2020 599
Cyprus architect Michael Cosmas brings innovative work to the island. Andrew Rosenbaum Jul 22, 2020 635
Inside [pounds sterling]3.5m Grand Designs-inspired smart house with gym, hot tub and sauna; A five-bedroom property designed by multi award-winning architect David Sheppard, and BPN Architects has gone up for sale for a staggering [pounds sterling]3.5million in the West Midlands. By, Paige Holland & Elis Sandford Jul 20, 2020 552
AAR sells off manufacturing business to Architect Equity. Jul 20, 2020 1227
Bangladeshi architect Marina Tabassum named in Prospect magazine' top 50 thinkers list. Jul 19, 2020 221
Impact of COVID-19 on architecture. Jul 18, 2020 936
Architect to deliver virtual talk on iconic building; HERITAGE. CHRIS MACLENNAN Jul 18, 2020 231
'Landmark' venue set to replace famous old hotel; it's time for resort to shine again, says architect. GEORGE MORGAN Local Democracy Reporter @GMORG01 Jul 10, 2020 406
Priest-architect Alex Bautista dies. Jul 9, 2020 160
What We Are Reading Today: Lateness. Arab News Jul 9, 2020 231
What We Are Reading Today: Modern Architecture and Climate by Daniel A. Barber. Arab News Jul 8, 2020 260
The Power of Planning. Williams, James M. Jul 1, 2020 725
Chapman Taylor unveils masterplan for new Saudi airport city. Jun 30, 2020 831
Inspired by UAE's salt flats, Dubai-based architects create cement out of brine. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Jun 28, 2020 857
UAE architects offer salt as alternative to cement. Karen Ann Monsy Jun 26, 2020 673
Meis reveals his 'disappointment' as Blues hand architect duties over to Pattern. PHIL KIRKBRIDE Jun 25, 2020 392
Architects invited Dalek as guest of honour. TOBY NEAL Jun 18, 2020 467
Young architect suggests a 'maaliwalas' design for an ideal post-pandemic house. Chua, Johannes L. Jun 17, 2020 857
Historic tours showcase work of veteran architect Dahong Wang in Taipei. Jun 16, 2020 191
3 UST students land in Top 10 of young architect designers' competition. Jun 15, 2020 275
Han Won-suk reconciles with life through art. Jun 14, 2020 876
How VR technology provides decision making support in the food industry. Jun 8, 2020 494
Judson welcomes interim architecture dept. chair. Submitted by Judson University Jun 4, 2020 461
The Metabolist Imagination: Visions of the City in Postwar Japanese Architecture and Science Fiction. Book review Jun 1, 2020 296
It's time to come back down to earth: Gillian Darley in praise of an ancient material. Darley, Gillian Jun 1, 2020 1018
Armenian architect admits: Previously, Armenians didn't live in Yerevan [VIDEO]. May 30, 2020 152
Lockton Affinity to Offer Coverage for Architects, Engineers through GenStar. May 27, 2020 185
Southgate: 'cultural architect' for new Boro; MCCLAREN NAMES ENGLAND COACH AS HIS BEST SIGNING FOR THE CLUB. DAVE ALLAN @TeessideLive May 25, 2020 573
Diabetic coma spurred architect to reach for sky; Designer of proposed Octagon building reveals moment that changed his life. Graham Young Features Staff May 21, 2020 842
Architect plans move to Kasbah; proposal to take over former tc's club. DAVID LAISTER @davelaister May 18, 2020 592
A crate idea: Indonesian architects reuse plastic boxes to build mosque. ISMIRA LUTFIA TISNADIBRATA May 11, 2020 609
Comparison of High-Throughput Fully Automated Immunoanalyzers for Detecting Hepatitis B Virus Infection. Won, Dongju; Park, Younhee; Choi, Dasom; Kim, Hyon-Suk May 1, 2020 5353
New Military Museums. Book review May 1, 2020 280
A Home of One's Own. Book review May 1, 2020 337
Amaala ropes in HKS Architects as master planner for key projects. Apr 27, 2020 348
Architects to have designs on future of hospital site. Graemewhitfield Business editor @Graemewhitfield Apr 22, 2020 323
Barrington District 220 looking to strike agreements with architect, constructio. Bob Susnjara Apr 22, 2020 359
We've fought boredom by building our own fortress; Danny Campbell, 29, Fife, Architect and founder of Hoko. Apr 20, 2020 329
Lagos Architects Urge Prayers For Global Health Workers. Apr 15, 2020 289
Reknown art critic presents country`s most famous architectural gems. Apr 13, 2020 362
Liverpool architects design Everton's Legacy Project. PHIL KIRKBRIDE Everton FC Reporter philip, @PhilKECHO Apr 9, 2020 247
Architect had designs on pub. Apr 9, 2020 409
Insurers Report Uptick in Claims Against Architects and Engineers. Jim Sams Apr 6, 2020 600
Donations sought to build more COVID-19 quarantine facilities designed by PH architects. Apr 2, 2020 245
Egyptian architect proposes mobile ICU to fight COVID-19. Disha Dadlani Apr 1, 2020 191
Architects build Fresh Ideas; COMPETITION. KEITH FINDLAY Mar 26, 2020 172
Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design (JZA+D). Mar 25, 2020 282
Coronavirus: RMJM launches initiative for architects, engineers and designers affected by crisis. Gavin Davids Mar 24, 2020 337
Liability Insurers Report Rise in Claims Against Architects and Engineers. Jim Sams Mar 24, 2020 608
HKM Architects + Planners Promote Two to Vice-President. Jim Mitchell Mar 19, 2020 358
HKM Architects + Planners promote two to vice president. Mar 19, 2020 163
Malpractice Claims Climbing Higher for Architects and Engineers, Insurers Say. Mar 19, 2020 619
Malpractice Claims Climbing Higher for Architects and Engineers, Insurers Say. Mar 19, 2020 617
Top Italian sports architect dies from virus. Mar 19, 2020 223
Amaala appoints HKS Architects as master planner for two key communities. Jason Saundalkar Mar 18, 2020 410
Amaala appoints HKS Architects as master planner for two key communities. Jason Saundalkar Mar 18, 2020 410
Francis Cauffman Architects (FCA). Mar 18, 2020 235
HKS Architects to work on AMAALA Triple Bay, Coastal Development. Ashley Williams Mar 17, 2020 213
architect banned for revenge plan. EXCLUSIVE BY JOHN SIDDLE Mar 15, 2020 236
Filipino blockchain architect one of IBM's inventors. Mar 14, 2020 545
Honour for one of North East's most fruitful architects. TONY HENDERSON HERITAGE Mar 11, 2020 1065
EU architect Denniston named masterplanner for Saudi Amaala. Mar 11, 2020 574
Sales tactics on insulation 'misleading'. Mar 10, 2020 152
Inside the [pounds sterling]1.25m home that looks like it's been squashed between two houses; The architect wanted to to give the house an 'understated yet intriguing street presence'. By, Jake Roberts & Victoria Jones Mar 8, 2020 478
Irish architects Farrell, McNamara win Pritzker Prize. Jocelyn Noveck Mar 4, 2020 626
'It shouldn't have happened' - Grenfell architect's apology. Mar 3, 2020 364
Grenfell architect 'no experience of high-rise cladding' Boss apologises at inferno inquiry. AMY-CLARE MARTIN Mar 3, 2020 400
Grenfell Tower inquiry suspended after protesters shout 'it's a disgrace'; Angry Grenfell Tower fire campaigners shouted down inquiry chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick as he called Andrzej Kuszell, director of Studio E architect, to give evidence about the blaze in Ladbroke Grove that claimed 72 lives. By, Lorraine King Mar 2, 2020 343
Beyond The Fountainhead: Architects & Architecture in Fiction. Teisch, Jessica Recommended readings Mar 1, 2020 2527
Key features of Contemporary Northwest architecture. Roland, Mathew Mar 1, 2020 532
Abdelhalim Ibrahim Abdelhalim. Book review Mar 1, 2020 456
Architects on a mission... Feb 29, 2020 618
Architect's towering achievement. Feb 27, 2020 228
Architect's towering achievement; asking price: PS1 MILLION. Feb 27, 2020 228
Architect's towering achievement. Feb 27, 2020 233
Architect's towering achievement. Feb 27, 2020 233
TheFace: Fatmah Al-Rashed, Saudi architect. Arab News Feb 21, 2020 733
World-leading architects' designs on the Quayside. COREENA FORD Business writer Feb 21, 2020 565
Award-winning architects unveil plans for curved addition to city. Feb 21, 2020 201
Architects must consider how building, infra designs fit the future-experts. Feb 21, 2020 345
Architects told to pack their bags as firm funds international travel program. Feb 19, 2020 393
Architects launch a new planning service to support homeowners. Feb 18, 2020 152
Hopkins Architects announces opening of Sharjah's Buhais Geology Park. Gavin Davids Feb 17, 2020 393
Architect-cum-artist turns Old Klang Road apartments into mural masterpiece. Feb 16, 2020 698
This was a targeted attack on well-respected architect. Feb 16, 2020 428
Tracy Kozak: Principal Architect, JSA Inc. Feb 14, 2020 626
Hopkins Architects-designed geology park opens in Sharjah. Feb 13, 2020 275
'Put oil rig in Rubislaw Quarry' proposes architect; PLANNING. JON HEBDITCH Feb 10, 2020 236
Developers say vision honours city's granite heritage; ARCHITECTS. Feb 5, 2020 414
Architecture, design event to bring 'brightest minds' around Southeast Asia to Manila. Feb 5, 2020 944
Blackwell Says Casino Design Was Hijacked. Friedman, Mark Feb 3, 2020 1830
'James Wines is surely due a revival'. Heathcote, Edwin Feb 1, 2020 1176
Watershed Wonder: Concrete plays pivotal part in San Antonio's Confluence Park. Feb 1, 2020 1216
Clinic has the architecture and interiors of elegant hotel. Jan 29, 2020 1230
Qiddiya architect Bjark Ingels working on 'utopia' project in KSA. Ashley Williams Jan 29, 2020 171
Podcast: V8 Architects on the Expo 2020 Netherlands pavilion design. Disha Dadlani Jan 28, 2020 420
On the banks of Dubai Creek, a neighbourhood of heritage and character. Claire Malcolm, Special to Property Weekly Jan 28, 2020 928
Vertical Printing Goes Mainstream with the Introduction of The Wall Printer; Signage Printers, Graphic Artists, Photographers, Mural Painters, Architects Take Note. Jan 27, 2020 468
Why is this a diffferent walk in Sharjah? Staff Report Jan 27, 2020 527
Fired: Art school board sack director, architect and fierce critic; Academic will fight dismissal. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 26, 2020 423
Yasmeen Lari wins prestigious award. Awards list Jan 25, 2020 167
Pakistan's first female architect Yasmeen Lari wins prestigious architect award. Jan 24, 2020 307
Pakistan's first-ever female architect Yasmeen Lari bags prestigious Jane Drew Prize. Jan 24, 2020 309
Six Latvian architecture firms join Architects Declare movement. Jan 21, 2020 240
Architect dreams of 22-storey tower in central Paphos. Bejay Browne Jan 19, 2020 863
Architects open new studio in Boho Zone to. COREENA FORD Business writer @Scoopford Jan 15, 2020 456
Zachary Rose Will Speak at Fort Lauderdale 2020 Architecture Fair. Jan 12, 2020 403
Renovated building melds vestiges of the past with modern elements. Jan 8, 2020 825
Victorian Society launch a series of lectures exploring the imaginative conservation and reuse of historic buildings. Jan 7, 2020 1193
Dermot nerves build over his house revamp; TV architect unveils upgrade on show. EMMA MCMENAMY Jan 5, 2020 368
Birmingham's finest melting pot of 20th century buildings. Mary Keating Jan 2, 2020 940
The Academics, the Artist, and the Architect: Retrieving the Tradition in Nineteenth-Century Catholicism. Carola, Joseph A. Jan 1, 2020 9447
Architect, green building expert returns to his roots in Sudbury: Jason McLennan spoke to students about how to create a regenerative master plan for Sudbury at the McEwen School of Architecture. Romaniuk, Colleen Jan 1, 2020 783
North Bay architect named to prestigious industry group: Brian Bertrand named to Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Jan 1, 2020 185
'The most desirable commission of its day': William Aslet on St Martin-in-the-Fields. Aslet, William Jan 1, 2020 1080
Olayan unveils secret garden at revitalized 550 Madison Avenue. Jan 1, 2020 513
John D. Atchison Was Here. Perry, Gail Jan 1, 2020 4826
ALINA NIKISHINA, 32: Co-founder/Program architect / The Mastery Network LLC / Greenwood Village. Jan 1, 2020 165
A Chronology of Architecture. Book review Jan 1, 2020 284
Team of Latvian and French architects win sketch design competition for Latvian Paralympic Sports Center. Dec 27, 2019 213
Architects row the extra mile for cause. Dec 26, 2019 159
Teenage girl faces giving up on architect dream due to [pounds sterling]27k Edinburgh university fees. Dec 20, 2019 637
Architect stabbed stranger to death after a night out; Killer, 58, jailed for minimum of 20 years after dispute led to murder of barber, 34. Ross McCarthy Court Correspondent Dec 19, 2019 807
Architects celebrate 10th birthday. Dec 18, 2019 227
Architect Killed After Being Hit By Falling Debris In Times Square. Rohit R Nair Dec 18, 2019 325
Ministry of Culture launches 'In Search of Spaces of Coexistence: An Architect's Journey' book. Dec 16, 2019 707
Architects' skill-building academy. Dec 11, 2019 191
Kohler redefines luxury and design with the launch of its second experience centre in Mumbai. ANI Dec 10, 2019 643
Everton new stadium architect Dan Meis hints at potential stand name after Duncan Ferguson inspires Chelsea win; Dan Meis had a light-hearted reaction to Everton's Premier League victory over Chelsea following Duncan Ferguson's maiden game in charge. Adam Jones Dec 7, 2019 277
Samarkand chief architect accused of embezzlement of over $735,000. Dec 5, 2019 128
Award for architects. Dec 5, 2019 105
Sveta Nedelya Square Will Be Renovated by an Italian Architect. Dec 2, 2019 128
Charles Jencks (1939-2019). Holland, Charles Dec 1, 2019 1154
Deborah Berke: The accomplished architect and Yale School of Architecture dean opens up about how she gets the job done--roadblocks and all. Hong, Catherine Dec 1, 2019 1177
Blazing glory of architects; fire station part of PS42m investment. Nov 29, 2019 277
School's transformation into homes is under way; architects hail 'challenging' project to revive victorian building. HERBERT SODEN Local Democracy Reporter @HerbertSoden88 Nov 25, 2019 301
Al Mouj Muscat shares design insights with future architects. Nov 24, 2019 119
This jewelry designer is also an architect. Nov 22, 2019 933
HADID'S FLOWER POWER; The architect behind the London Aquatics Centre is creating a flower-inspired lobby for this block of flats. Nov 22, 2019 387
Leading architect urges towns to reclaim roads. Nov 21, 2019 354
Architect's plan to bring life back into high street; Delegates heard about Sicilian cafe approach used in Ireland. JAMES WYLLIE Nov 21, 2019 399
Architect appointed director at leading practice. Nov 20, 2019 154
AMD launches World's First 7nm Professional PC Workstation Graphics Card for 3D Designers, Architects and Engineers. Nov 20, 2019 548
Town is helping inspire young architects. AIMEE JONES Nov 18, 2019 324
Architects to explain retrofitting; ENVIRONMENT. JAMES WYLLIE Nov 18, 2019 202
Italian architects to present Vertical City at Dubai summit. Nov 17, 2019 249
Dr Alvi opens moot on green sustainable architecture. Nov 16, 2019 274
Architect praised as Centenary Square redevelopment wins. Nov 14, 2019 146
St. Charles library expansion plans progress Expansion: Aldermen, architects aim to keep green space. Lauren Rohr Nov 13, 2019 389
Qatari architect launches book on unique Qatari places. Nov 13, 2019 459
I worried TV had forgot about me after break to have kids; Celeb architect Roisin back with new show. KATIE GALLAGHER Showbiz Reporter Nov 12, 2019 469
Movers+Shakers. Nov 11, 2019 762
Shieldinch to Martian attack: River City architect creates alien Armageddon her shed; War Of The Worlds director salutes designer's spectacular sets. Paul English Nov 10, 2019 899
Shieldinch to Martian attack: River City architect creates alien Armageddon her shed; War Of The World's director salutes designer's spectacular sets. Paul English Nov 10, 2019 899
Is this tomorrow? Jyoti Kalsi, Special to Weekend Review Nov 9, 2019 545
EDGERTON-BASED Fibre Architects have celebrated [...]. Nov 7, 2019 191
Architect Kim Bong-ryol recounts history of Korea's architecture. Nov 6, 2019 260
Architect firm aiming to construct new careers; EVENT. KEITH FINDLAY Nov 6, 2019 201
Curtain rings down on QNL's Gulf architecture conference. Conference news Nov 5, 2019 674
Super Mover. Nov 4, 2019 260
Winner of Aga Khan Award for Architecture honoured. Nov 3, 2019 573
Avant-Garde in the Cornfields: Architecture, Landscape, and Preservation in New Harmony. Brief article Nov 1, 2019 151
Architects Inspire New Color Series from Sherwin-Williams. Nov 1, 2019 189
Students to help shape architecture of future. Oct 31, 2019 169
SF: Unseat 'Brexit architect' Dodds. REBECCA BACK Oct 31, 2019 329
All the planning applications in your area. Oct 25, 2019 1536
French Architect Jean Nouvel Workshop Sues Paris Concert Hall. AFP News Oct 22, 2019 383
Firm of architects expands with new office in Conwy. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Oct 22, 2019 351
Firm of architects expands with new office in Conwy; BUSINESS Contact Owen Hughes on 01492 574493 or email Powered by OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Oct 22, 2019 351
French Architect Jean Nouvel Workshop Sues Paris Concert Hall. AFP News Oct 21, 2019 340
TV architect pairs with university to build future. Oct 21, 2019 319
The suspended councillor, the and an unneighbourly stand-off angry architect over hole in roof; Bullying row politician faces legal action over flat repairs. Peter Swindon Oct 20, 2019 695
Exhibition looks at What's Old and What's New. Eleni Philippou Oct 18, 2019 305
George Clarke works with Northumbria Uni to 'change the future of housing'; TV architect George Clarke and Northumbria University will look at the future of house building. Oct 18, 2019 318
Expo 2020 Dubai: See what the futuristic pavilions look like. Staff Report Oct 16, 2019 1502
Filipino architects group UAP Qatar to mark World Architecture Day today. Oct 7, 2019 326
Dubai Expo 2020 marks World Architecture Day in style. Oct 7, 2019 408
Group has designs to build on famous architect's legacy; Heritage: Save Westburn House aims to raise PS300,000 for restoration. JON HEBDITCH Oct 7, 2019 398
NC Architect Tapped as Judge for "Metal Construction News" 2019 Awards. Oct 2, 2019 292
When Palladio came to Cheshire--in the 1980s. Brittain-Catlin, Timothy Oct 1, 2019 1054
'Bushra Zaidi case changed Karachi'. Peerzada Salman Sep 27, 2019 685
Wooden skyscrapers hold the key to green cities, says top Japan architect. Sep 26, 2019 441
Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid's 'starfish' airport opens in China. Arab News Sep 26, 2019 188
Work begins on Sunderland Fire Station 'game-changer' [pounds sterling]11m music, theatre and comedy venue; The Sage Gateshead's project director Jason Flanagan is the architect behind the transformation to turn a car park into an arts centre. Simon Meechan Sep 26, 2019 414
Curators for the UAE's pavilion at 2020 Venice Biennale announced. ARAB NEWS Sep 25, 2019 172
Japanese architect's One Za'abeel on show at Cityscape. Arab News Sep 25, 2019 394
Top architect unveils Abrahamic Family House design. Sep 22, 2019 655
Tippet Rise Art Center unveils a secluded wooden pavilion, designed by Burkinabe architect Francis Kere, where Mother Earth's untouched majesty reigns supreme. Waddoups, Ryan Sep 22, 2019 472
Anti-Iran Sanctions Architect Mocks Trump's New Move. Sep 21, 2019 311
Brown goes solo. Sep 18, 2019 188
Speaker revealed for MEN property event; LEADING ARCHITECT AND TV PRESENTER HEADS HILTON LUNCH LINE-UP. Sep 18, 2019 515
Police probe UK firm over Shs3.6 billion deal. Sep 18, 2019 511
162 pass architect licensure exam in Middle East - PRC. Sep 17, 2019 244
Architect teams up with Brum practice. Sep 17, 2019 292
Elgin tour offers insight into local architect's designs. Gathman, By Dave Sep 8, 2019 800
Purpose of design in sustainable architecture, communities. Sep 7, 2019 985
Shaping the future of PH architecture. Sep 7, 2019 432
Israeli-Palestinian peace deal architect Greenblatt resigns. Sep 5, 2019 285
Historic Houses Elgin tour offers insight into local architect's designs House: Tour a variety of homes in Elgin. Gathman, By Dave Sep 5, 2019 809
Architect loses his appeal against being struck off; Court: Finding of incompetence is upheld against Silver Darling designer. Sep 4, 2019 438
Architect Halliday Fraser Munro builds with new Glasgow base. Sep 2, 2019 243
Today's students are tomorrow's architects, the future of country. Sep 1, 2019 881
Bricks and Beats: Michael Ford shows kids how to design cities inspired by their favorite songs. Potenza, Alessandra Sep 1, 2019 962
Association of frequency of hereditary hemochromatosis (HFE) gene mutations (H63D and C282Y) with iron overload in beta-thalassemia major patients in Pakistan. Sharif, Yasir; Irshad, Saba; Tariq, Anam; Rasheed, Sana; Tariq, Muhammad H. Report Sep 1, 2019 4429
Sika, celebrity architect BIG team on 3D printing demonstration. Sep 1, 2019 341
Follow Neave Brown's design for life; Famous architects once partied in the garden of this Camden home. Aug 30, 2019 390
Japan's architect to make concept of design of Uzbek Arts Museum reconstruction. Aug 29, 2019 165
Poignant anniversaries are marked at Stoneywell; Anniversary of cottage's completion and death of architect. Aug 28, 2019 566
Architect is appointed for work with community on chapel project. Aug 28, 2019 354
Newcastle architects set to transform Gateshead. Aug 26, 2019 541
Architects expand in Midlands. Aug 22, 2019 314
Architects have designs on growth INYORKSHIRE. Aug 20, 2019 307
"Light is life, it is necessary to exploit it in every way"-- Joseph Karam, Franco-Lebanese interior architect and designer. Aug 19, 2019 1090
Architects to deliver [pounds sterling]50m Merthyr industrial heritage centre announced; Ian Ritchie Architects will work on a master plan for a centre based at Cyfarthfa Castle and its grounds. Aug 18, 2019 651
60-year-old businessman is architect, sculptor and painter rhymer. Aug 17, 2019 480
Architects revealed in heritage centre plan. Aug 16, 2019 358
Architects being sought for Hurricane Maria memorial. Aug 14, 2019 332
Latvian architect to build opera stage in forest in Finland. Aug 9, 2019 125
Young Saudi architect builds unique housing project for Al-Soudah Season. Aug 9, 2019 391
CIFF Shanghai 2019 Announces Exciting Lineup of Global Architects, Designers and Brands - Press Release issued by CIFF Shanghai. Aug 9, 2019 583
Meis follows Pattern for stadium. Aug 8, 2019 274
TOTO outlet, tech centre launched. Aug 6, 2019 162
Dan Meis tells Everton fans 'you have my word' as he makes new stadium vow; Architect insists he'll remain devoted on delivering with Bramley-Moore Dock as he thanks supporters. Aug 4, 2019 325
Dan Meis salutes Everton's 'grand puppet master' Bill Kenwright as the vision behind new stadium; Bramley-Moore Dock architect says that the Blues chairman knew what he wanted for waterfront home. Aug 2, 2019 763
Anti-Iran Sanctions Architect: Zarif Designation One of Most Ridiculous Move by Trump. Aug 1, 2019 294
2019 PROJECT DIRECTORY. Aug 1, 2019 565
Color for Architects. Book review Aug 1, 2019 134
60-year-old bizman is architect, sculptor, and painter rhymer. Jul 31, 2019 884
Harvard University architects win competition to design MK:U. Jul 30, 2019 493
Chance to live in a 600-year-old Scottish medieval castle for just [pounds sterling]155k; The magnificent Dalzell House in Scotland features stunning design by famous architect Robert William Billings. Jul 27, 2019 542
President of the Namibia Institute of Architects invited to Germany on Information Visit. Jul 26, 2019 349
Weibring brings architect talents to spruce up state courses. Jul 24, 2019 789
Golfer D.A. Weibring brings architect talents to spruce up courses in Normal, Peoria. Ziehm, By Len Jul 24, 2019 797
Architects hoping to open up cafe at studio to public; Application: Tasty plans to raise cash for Braemar Mountain Rescue Team. Jul 24, 2019 363
Architects' cafe could help rescue team funds climb; BUILDING. Jul 24, 2019 261
Architect's rise from trainee to MD of firm. Jul 23, 2019 497
Fifth cycle of Geoffrey Bawa Award for excellence in Architecture launched. Jul 23, 2019 1262
A modern take on traditional; Greenferns has a story to tell and has undergone a remarkable transformation at the hands of architect Gary Grant. He told Ellie House why he was only custodian of this Deeside home. Jul 23, 2019 897
City block's architect dies at 92; NEWS WIRE. Jul 22, 2019 121
'Menacing' property boss with 'criminal past' forced architect to sign off unsafe rooms at trendy Liverpool hotel; Architect with KDP claimed a director of Middle England Developments pressured him to sign off rooms. Jul 21, 2019 687
Architects face tight regulations in new law. Jul 21, 2019 540
Dr M hails Twin Towers designer Cesar Pelli as 'great architect', offers condolences. Jul 20, 2019 327
SB Architects looks to expand its portfolio in the Middle East. Jul 18, 2019 310
Solo exhibition of award-winning architect duo to open in Taipei. Jul 18, 2019 604
Architect business makes capital move. Jul 18, 2019 213
Birthday of famous architect marked in capital. Jul 17, 2019 347
Zaha Hadid Architects' new pictures of Riyadh Metro's KAFD Station. Jul 15, 2019 603
Competition seeks to revive Tripoli's fair. Jul 13, 2019 1146
HS2 station is too much 'like airport' MP: Architects should go back to drawing board. Jul 11, 2019 499
Social media moments not affecting hotel design: VP, SB Architects. Jul 11, 2019 393
Heritage conservation movement mourns loss of Ramon Ma. Zaragoza, pioneering restoration architect. Jul 8, 2019 471
UM students score 5th and 10th spots in June 2019 Architect Licensure Exam. Jul 6, 2019 169
Cloud Educators Madisetti and Bahga Publish New Textbook - Cloud Computing Solutions Architect. Jul 5, 2019 500
Architect Licensure Examination. Jul 5, 2019 110
EARIST grad tops Architect Licensure Exam. Jul 4, 2019 174
Sustainable projects seek to inspire more 'green' building. Jul 3, 2019 1008
Tower architect dies at 97. Obituary Jul 3, 2019 198
30:70: Architecture as a Balancing Act. Book review Jul 1, 2019 104
IEQ in High-Performance Urban Elementary Schools. Oldham, Emily; Kim, Hyojin Jul 1, 2019 1590
High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponin I Assay for Early Diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction. Boeddinghaus, Jasper; Nestelberger, Thomas; Twerenbold, Raphael; Koechlin, Luca; Meier, Mario; Troes Jul 1, 2019 8748
Architect Cliff an inspiration to family and students alike; loved ones' touching tribute to lecturer. Obituary Jun 28, 2019 558
REGENT'S CRESCENT IS FIT FOR A KING; Built to the plans of famous architect John Nash, this new build is already a Grade-I listed building, says Laura Ivill. Jun 28, 2019 565
Architect Paul McClean Book Signing & Event in LA June 29. Jun 28, 2019 313
MUSE Design Awards recognizes Taiwanese architects. Jun 27, 2019 211
Shapoorji Pallonji lands $418m Abu Dhabi island project. Jun 27, 2019 862
Miller Architects & Builders Celebrates Groundbreaking at Temperance Lake Ridge. Jun 26, 2019 218
haircut that led to cancer diagnosis; Architect's fundraising drive for Mersey hospital after treatment. Disease/Disorder overview Jun 23, 2019 569
I popped in for a haircut and found out I had cancer; Architect Matt Crawford's chance trip to the barber saved his sight - and possibly his life. Jun 22, 2019 705
John Gillis on Romantic Realism in Architecture. Bond, Stephanie Interview Jun 22, 2019 2640
THE SERPENTINE PAVILION UNVEILED; This year's entry shows work by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, says Steve Irish. Jun 21, 2019 516
Carlo Calma's design mind is like no other-this house shows how. Jun 19, 2019 1380
Something true and vital: Frank Roper's art and his collaborations with the architect George Pace have left a distinctive mark on the churches of South Wales, from where Jan Gould celebrates his life and work. Gould, Jan Reprint Jun 19, 2019 1543
Architect named Good neighbor. Jun 19, 2019 103
University honour for Tyneside architect. Jun 18, 2019 594
Architect Sir Terry honoured by university. Jun 18, 2019 470
Overcoming negative impact of mass tourism discussed in Baku. Jun 11, 2019 548
Historian reveals how Mac's packed house leaked from the start; Famous architect used wrong type of cement to build iconic home. Jun 9, 2019 695
City's echoes of Italy; MERSEYSIDE TALES. Jun 8, 2019 476
Architect renowned across North West. Jun 6, 2019 239
Architects hoping to build on practice's success. Jun 6, 2019 193
City selects some big ideas for building homes in little spaces. Jun 5, 2019 676
Architects alter composition of chemistry lab. Jun 5, 2019 240
Maritime Heritage Museum: An architect's gift to Chennai. Travel narrative Jun 2, 2019 266
Five Netflix documentaries every architect and engineer should watch. Jun 2, 2019 849

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