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Architects looking to attach skyscraper to an asteroid.

As humans inch closer and closer to possible space exploration, one New York-based design group is amping it up a notch as it revealed plans to build a skyscraper hanging from an asteroid.

According to The New York Post, a group of architects from the Clouds Architecture Office is currently designing the massive eyesore, which will be dubbed as the Analemma Tower.

To be able to make the seemingly absurd plan come to fruition, the group is eyeing the help of space programs, to capture one asteroid and bring it into a nearby Earth orbit.

Once the celestial body is in tow, the group will use it as a gravitational balloon to hold the structure in place above the planet's surface. The building is projected to be hung upside down, with an anchor pointing toward the asteroid, the report added.

If the project goes through, the Analemma Tower will be the first ever revolving building outside Earth, as it would travel between hemispheres on a regular daily schedule.

But for the most part, the group said the tower would spend most of its time hanging just above New York City, based on its planned trajectory. The group also suggests that people can simply 'parachute down' to Earth whenever they need to leave.

As of this writing, the innovative structure is still completely conceptual and has yet to unveil a concrete structural plan.

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Publication:Philippines Daily Inquirer (Makati City, Philippines)
Date:Apr 4, 2017
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