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Archaeologists discovered parts of Roman mosaic in Skelani.

A group of archaeologists, who recently worked on an excavation of the archaeological site of the Roman municipium in Skelani, discovered third-century mosaic pieces dating back to the Roman period.

Team leader who conducted the research, archaeologist Ivana Grujic from Trebinje, said that the survey covered the remains of a third or fourth century building which had multiple functions.

'There was an administrative center and the room was luxurious so we think it could be used for various receptions. This administrative center was used for public affairs. This confirms the importance of the Roman municipium from the first to the fourth century. The investigated building has three apses, which is why it is unique in BiH, and apses are connected to underfloor heating,' Grujic explains.

Mosaics are the result of continuation of excavation begun in 2008, when a Roman city was discovered in this area.

The director of the Archaeological Museum in Skelani, Svjetlana Markovic, said that the excavation was funded by the Republika Srpska Development Program.

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Publication:Federalna Novinska Agencija (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Date:Sep 10, 2019
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