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Archaeological treasure includes / 236 / artifact found north of Nasiriyah.

Nasiriyah / NINA / A police force from Dhi Qar found on Tuesday 18, March archaeological treasure includes / 236 / artifacts north of the city of Nasiriyah.

A statement by the Police Department said that a special team of the provincial police, according to tip from a citizen , went to the place of the treasure to investigate and survey the situation , finding stone statues, seals, jars, coins , copper in different shapes, sizes and types.

The statement quoted the provincial police chief Major General Sadiq Jafar Zaidi as saying that the exact number of the pieces reached is 236 archaeological pieces of various types, sizes and shapes, praising the cooperation of the citizens in reporting these cases .

Dhi Qar province includes over / 1200 / archaeological site mostly to the dawn of the era of Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Achaemenid, Sassanid and the Islamic civilizations. / End

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Geographic Code:7IRAQ
Date:Mar 18, 2014
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