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Articles from Archaea (January 1, 2017)

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A Flexible System for Cultivation of Methanococcus and Other Formate-Utilizing Methanogens. Long, Feng; Wang, Liangliang; Lupa, Boguslaw; Whitman, William B. Report 8662
An Acidic Exopolysaccharide from Haloarcula hispanica ATCC33960 and Two Genes Responsible for Its Synthesis. Lu, Yang; Lu, Hua; Wang, Shiwei; Han, Jing; Xiang, Hua; Jin, Cheng Report 6533
Archaeal Diversity and C[O.sub.2] Fixers in Carbonate-/Siliciclastic-Rock Groundwater Ecosystems. Lazar, Cassandre Sara; Stoll, Wenke; Lehmann, Robert; Herrmann, Martina; Schwab, Valerie F.; Akob, D Report 9564
Catalytic Intermediate Crystal Structures of Cysteine Desulfurase from the Archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1. Ho, Thien-Hoang; Huynh, Kim-Hung; Nguyen, Diem Quynh; Park, Hyunjae; Jung, Kyoungho; Sur, Bookyo; Ah Report 7429
Construction of Expression Shuttle Vectors for the Haloarchaeon Natrinema sp. J7 Based on Its Chromosomal Origins of Replication. Wang, Yuchen; Chen, Beibei; Sima, Linshan; Cao, Mengzhuo; Chen, Xiangdong Report 6897
Development of the Multiple Gene Knockout System with One-Step PCR in Thermoacidophilic Crenarchaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. Suzuki, Shoji; Kurosawa, Norio Report 8341
Expression, Purification, and Characterization of (R)-Sulfolactate Dehydrogenase (ComC) from the Rumen Methanogen Methanobrevibacter millerae SM9. Zhang, Yanli; Schofield, Linley R.; Sang, Carrie; Dey, Debjit; Ronimus, Ron S. Report 4039
Genome-Scale Metabolic Modeling of Archaea Lends Insight into Diversity of Metabolic Function. Thor, ShengShee; Peterson, Joseph R.; Luthey-Schulten, Zaida Report 12331
Growth Characteristics of Methanomassiliicoccus luminyensis and Expression of Methyltransferase Encoding Genes. Kroninger, Lena; Gottschling, Jacqueline; Deppenmeier, Uwe Report 9080
Marine Subsurface Microbial Community Shifts Across a Hydrothermal Gradient in Okinawa Trough Sediments. Brandt, Leah D.; House, Christopher H. Report 8139
Reverse Methanogenesis and Respiration in Methanotrophic Archaea. Timmers, Peer H.A.; Welte, Cornelia U.; Koehorst, Jasper J.; Plugge, Caroline M.; Jetten, Mike S.M.; Report 16575
The Draft Genome of the Non-Host-Associated Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus Strain DH1 Encodes a Large Repertoire of Adhesin-Like Proteins. Poehlein, Anja; Daniel, Rolf; Seedorf, Henning Report 6050
Transfection Studies with Colloidal Systems Containing Highly Purified Bipolar Tetraether Lipids from Sulfolobus acidocaldarius. Engelhardt, Konrad H.; Pinnapireddy, Shashank Reddy; Baghdan, Elias; Jedelska, Jarmila; Bakowsky, Ud Report 6123

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