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Arch Personal Care rolls out novel materials.

* Arch Personal Care Products recently modified its SilSlip powder to offer blurring properties. SilSlip Dispersion is a new powder suspension for the personal care industry made through high-energy dispersion of poly/bis-hydroxyethoxypropyl dimethicone copolymer in a water-polymer matrix.

Smaller particles in SilSlip Dispersion fill fine lines and are able to minimize or blur the appearance of wrinkles, according to Arch. Scattering light in a more uniform reflection and absorbing light in a diffuse manner achieves that blurring effect. SilSlip delivers aesthetic enhancements to personal care formulations by improving slip, smoothness and softness.

Also, Arch introduced a natural complex designed to target the delicate under-eye area. EyePro 3X is a natural active complex that reduces puffiness, rejuvenates the eyes and offers anti-aging for the occular area. It is based on betaine derived from sugar beets, a fermentation extract from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, and an extract from the adaptogenic plant Rhodiola Rosea, according to Arch.

EyePro 3X addresses fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. It energizes cells, which leads to increased oxygen consumption and enhances lipolysis action, resulting in the breakdown of fat deposits. EyePro 3X can be incorporated into gels, creams and lotions at a recommended use level of 1-5%. More info:

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Title Annotation:Supplier's Corner
Publication:Household & Personal Products Industry
Date:May 1, 2007
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