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Arcam AB.

Arcam AB

Krokslatts Fabriker 27A

SE-43137 Molndal, Sweden

Phone: +46 31 710 3200

Fax: +46 31 710 3201




Year Founded: 1997

Number of Employees: 37

Number of Facilities: 1

Annual Sales: ~USD 14 Million


Arcam, founded in 1997 and listed on the Nordic Growth Market in Stockholm, Sweden, provides a unique Additive Manufacturing technology for production of fully dense metal parts, Electron Beam Melting (EBM[R]). The EBM[R] technology builds parts layer-by-layer from metal powder using a powerful electron beam. The EBM[R] process is carried out in vacuum at an elevated temperature allowing for first-class material properties, mechanically and chemically.

Since the birth of Arcam, our vision has remained the same: to revolutionize the art of manufacturing complex parts. Our technology is the result of intensive research and development and has a wide array of applications within the Medical Implant industry and the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Arcam offers a complete portfolio of EBM[R] machines, auxiliary equipment, software, powder metals, service and training to support our customers.

Arcam today has about 60 installations throughout the world. The systems are predominantly used for production of medical implants and aerospace functional parts.


Additive Manufacturing is steadily gaining acceptance for production of critical components in different industries. Arcam is with our EBM process in the forefront of this development, with an increasing number of production applications within both the Medical Implant and Aerospace industries.



The most wide-spread application for EBM production is press-fit orthopedic implants with integrated Trabecular Structures[TM]. In 2006 the first EBM manufactured standard implant which was an acetabular hip cup was released on the European market.


Arcam offers two different EBM-machines, the Arcam A1 and the Arcam A2. The Arcam A1 was released in late 2009 and was specifically developed for cost-effective manufacturing of orthopedic implants.

In addition to the EBM machines Arcam offers all necessary auxiliary equipment, software, metal powders as well as training and support.


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