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ArcView 3.3 available. (Digest).

Desktop mapping and GIS software ArcView is now available in version 3.3 from ESRI. A few items included in this release are updates to the Projection utility, the Database Access and the Report Writer extensions, added data support and updated ESRI Data & Maps 2002 CD-Roms. Esri's proprietary Geographic Information System (GIS) software, which allows users to create intelligent, dynamic maps using data from virtually any source, now provides support for PC ARC/Info 4.0 double-precision coverages. The above screenshot of the company's ArcMap, which is included in the ArcView 8.x package, shows military symbols depicting various friendly, enemy and unknown units in a battlespace. There is also real-time weather being displayed as a layer. ArcView 8.x maintains the base functionality of ArcView 3.x, but adds a catalogue for browsing and managing data, on-the-fly coordinate and datum projection, metadata creation, customisation with built-in VBA, new editor tools, support for static annotation, enhanced cartographic tools and direct access to Internet data.
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Publication:Armada International
Date:Oct 1, 2002
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