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Arbor sets $1.2b loan record amidst multifamily investment bonanza.

Meeting the rising demands of the robust Multifamily real estate investment market, Arbor Commercial Mortgage, LLC, a national, direct commercial real estate lender, established a new company record for Multifamily agency loan origination volume in 2011. The lender funded $1.3 billion worth of loans across its Fannie Mac DUS and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) product lines.

Arbor's 2011 origination volume total breaks its previous record set in 2008 and places the company--for the fifth consecutive year--within the Top 10 Fannie Mac DUS Multifamily Lender ranking.

During 2011, Arbor originated $1,201,705,689 in Fannie Mac DUS Multifamily loans as well as $97,223,700 in FHA Multifamily business for a combined Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) funding total of $1.3 billion. Arbor's previous origination volume high in 2008 was $1.2 billion.

With regard to its 2011 Top 10 Fannie Mac DUS[R] Multifamily Lender origination volume ranking, Arbor placed eighth.

"As the Multifamily real estate sector outperforms other commercial real estate classes, Arbor has remained at the forefront of lenders exclusively originating within the sector in partnership with Fannie Mac and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's FHA program," said Ivan Kaufman, Arbor's chairman and CEO.

"Providing a record level of origination for our clients is just one indication of the business momentum Arbor has exhibited during the past few years and is further indicative of the origination and service capacity Arbor possesses moving forward."

John Caulfield, Arbor's newly named chief operating officer, further noted, "Arbor's Multi family origination capabilities and infrastructure are extremely well positioned within the fundamentally strong Multifamily investment market, allowing Arbor to provide our clients with industry-leading loan products, terms and service that few lenders can provide.

"The GSEs currently offer the best financing products available in the Multifamily arena, and Arbor has excelled at providing our borrowers with such lending options, leading to our large repeat client base and strong and fundamentally sound origination performance."
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Comment:Arbor sets $1.2b loan record amidst multifamily investment bonanza.
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Feb 22, 2012
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