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Arbitron speaks.

Arbitron Speaks

The top-rated television station in central Arkansas is KATV-TV, Channel 7, at Little Rock, according to the most recent Arbitron ratings.

The ABC affiliate had a 26 share and 8 rating for the period of July 10 to Aug. 6, among viewers age 12 and over, from sign-on to sign-off.

Another ABC affiliate, KAIT-TV, Channel 8, of Jonesboro had a 42 share and 11 rating in the northeast Arkansas market. It is the only commercial television station in Jonesboro and delivers local news. KAIT competes with stations from Little Rock and Memphis, Tenn.

In Fort Smith and Fayetteville, a CBS affiliate had the highest ratings. KFSM-TV, Channel 5, had a 24 share and a 7 rating.

Radio Rankings

The top-rated radio station in central Arkansas is KSSN-FM, 95.7, according to Arbitron.

KSSN captured the top spot with a 26 share and 8 rating for the period of March 28 to June 19. KSSN is owned by Southern Skies Corp. of Little Rock, which also owns and operates KZSN-AM/FM of Wichita, Kan.

A modern country format allowed KSSN to pull down the top spot. The same format draws listeners to KZSN in Kansas.

A country format won the Arbitron race for radio station KKIX-FM, 103.9, in the Fayetteville-Springdale market.

The top radio station at Fort Smith is KTCS-FM, 99.9, according to Arbitron. KTCS also has a modern country format. Lee Young, the general manager, says he prefers to call the format simply "country" but concedes it is the same as modern country since it features the music of artists such as Randy Travis, Garth Brooks and George Strait.

About Arbitron

Arbitron is a television and radio ratings service that is popular in local markets. In Arkansas, Arbitron collects data by distributing diaries to computer-selected households.

Each household records its viewing or listening habits for one week. Arbitron then compiles the data according to age, geography and other criteria.

Aribitron computes "share" based on the number of viewers who actually have their sets turned on and are watching or listening to a program.

If there were 300 sets in a survey area with 100 turned on and nine tuned to a certain channel, the channel would receive a share of 9.

Arbitron computes a station's "rating" based on the number of households in the survey, regardless of whether the sets are turned on or not.

If there were 300 households in a survey area and nine were tuned to a certain channel, the channel would receive a rating of 3.
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Title Annotation:KATV-TV and KSSN-FM rated as top television and radio stations, respectively, in Central Arkansas
Author:Gibson, Carolyn
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 9, 1991
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