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Arbitrator vindicates Barton Beers.

Arbitrator vindicates Barton Beers

Arbitrators ruled against Chicago Beverage Systems, Inc., in its $4.2 million claim against Barton Beers, Ltd., arising from Barton's termination of Chicago Beverage Systems as a Corona Extra distributor in 1986.

The arbitrators ruled that Chicago Beverage's appointment of International Brands as sub-distributor of Barton's products violated the distributor's agreement between Barton and Chicago Beverage Systems, and that therefore Barton was legally justified in terminating the agreement.

"The arbitrator ruling vindicates our action," said Mike Mazzoni, executive vice president and general manager, Barton Beers Ltd. "Chicago Beverage Systems acted in bad faith and breached the agreement."

The claim which was filed by Chicago Beverage in November of 1986, sought damages from Barton in breach of the agreement, which covered Corona Extra and Corona Light as well as other Barton imports.
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Title Annotation:Chicago Beverage Systems Inc. case
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 21, 1989
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