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From Arbitrage to Global Innovation: Evolution of Multinational R&D in Emerging Markets. Jha, Srivardhini K.; Dhanaraj, Charles; Krishnan, Rishikesha T. Report Jul 1, 2018 13231
Maybe Publius was right: relying on merger price to determine fair value in Delaware appraisal cases. Meyer, Daniel E. Dec 1, 2016 19878
Appraisal arbitrage and the future of public company M&A. Korsmo, Charles R.; Myers, Minor Sep 1, 2015 7679
Appraisal arbitrage and the future of public company M&A. Korsmo, Charles R.; Myers, Minor Sep 1, 2015 19370
Is risk arbitrage market neutral: the case of stock swap offers with collars. Wang, Jia; Branch, Ben Statistical table Mar 22, 2014 7756
Paper P3 performance strategy: typically, P3 focuses on dealing with the downside risks facing a business, but arbitrage--a method of making near-riskless upside gains--is a potentially important element of performance strategy, too. Collingridge, David Oct 1, 2012 1694
Allocating regulatory resources. Aviram, Amitai Jun 22, 2012 17454
Sand in the gears: the case for a tax on financial speculation. Weissman, Robert Jun 1, 2010 1352
The best offense: defensive investing: you don't have to be a billionaire to use hedge fund tactics in your portfolio. Korn, Donald Jay Jan 1, 2010 1377
CAPM vs. APT with macro economic variables: evidence from the Indian stock market. Singh, Rohini Jan 1, 2008 8236
PartnerTech AB in arbitration proceedings against Swe-Dish Satellite Systems AB. Brief article Jun 14, 2007 183
Tax shelters, Dutch books, and the fundamental theorem of asset pricing. Chorvat, Terrence R. Mar 22, 2007 8660
Harnessing the costs of international tax arbitrage. Rosenzweig, Adam H. Jan 1, 2007 33157
15020510 Arbitrage relations. Lim, Terence; Lo, Andrew W.; Merton, Robert C.; Scholes, Myron S. Recommended readings Sep 1, 2005 199
Arbitron fall ratings. Feb 1, 2005 390
Information arbitrage. Scott, David M. Jun 1, 2004 787
Arbitrage: the key to pricing options. Nosal, Ed; Wang, Tan Jan 1, 2004 3019
The power of arbitrage in financial economics. (Research Notes). Otuteye, Eben Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 199
Two-Part Pricing with Costly Arbitrage. McManus, Brian Oct 1, 2001 10913
Risky arbitrage, limits of arbitrage, and nonlinear adjustment in the dividend-price ratio. Gallagher, Liam A.; Taylor, Mark P. Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 7649
The Arbitrageur Guy Wyser-Pratte: 'The name of the game is to work for the shareholders.'. (A Life in Governance). Kristie, James Sep 22, 2001 1736
Forces That Shape the Yield Curve. FISHER, MARK Jan 1, 2001 9345
Merton Miller and Modern Finance. Stulz, Rene M. Dec 22, 2000 8409
THIRD DEGREE PRICE DISCRIMINATION: A PROFITABLE ARBITRAGE CASE, A NOTE. Marchand, James R.; Rigdon, Mary L.; Roufagalas, John Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2000 1038
Arbitrage and Valuation in the Market for Standard and Poor's Depositary Receipts. Ackert, Lucy F.; Tian, Yisong S. Sep 22, 2000 8892
"Arbitrage Rebate--Federal Tax Compliance for Issues of Tax-Exempt Bonds". Douglas, Jennifer Ritter Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 170
Arbitrage compliance: a primer for finance officers. Eichhoff, Gay Apr 1, 1999 2535
The euro: how to keep your prices up and your competitors down. Ahlberg, Johan; Garemo, Nicklas; Naucler, Tomas Mar 22, 1999 1903
Clientele effects and cross-security market making: evidence from calls of convertible preferred securities. Howe, John S.; Lin, Ji-Chai; Singh, Ajai K. Dec 22, 1998 4435
Uncertainty and the arbitrage pricing theory. McKiernan, Barbara Sep 1, 1997 1834
Tax simplification 101: an arbitrage rebate safe-harbor proposal. Spain, Catherine L. Jun 1, 1997 1639
Currency swaps, financial arbitrage, and default risk. Usmen, Nilufer Jun 22, 1994 11389
An international arbitrage pricing model with PPP deviations. Levine, Ross Oct 1, 1989 4602
The debate over computer-assisted trading: who is right? Essinger, James Jan 1, 1989 3658
"What's Wrong With Wall Street?" Short-Term Gain and the Absentee Shareholder. Rothchild, John Book Review Jul 1, 1988 2436
The bad barrel. Auletta, Ken Dec 1, 1986 1650

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