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Aramco assures users no shortage of premium gasoline.

Summary: DHAHRAN: Saudi Aramco has assured users of Premium 95 grade of gasoline that there is no shortage and that the market is adequately supplied.

By In a written statement, Saudi Aramco denied reports appearing in the local media that Premium 95 gasoline is in short supply, especially in Riyadh. "There is no shortage of Premium 95 gasoline in the Kingdom," Saudi Aramco asserted in a written release.

"We have not received any complaint from distributors or customers regarding shortage of Premium 95 gasoline from any region, including Riyadh region," the Saudi Aramco statement said. According to Aramco, the supply of Premium 95 gasoline is being maintained through meticulous planning, studies and research, working with distributors to meet current demand and in coming months. "Proper planning and anticipating market's needs has resulted in Saudi Aramco supplying gasoline to distributors well ahead of scheduled time for deliveries," it said. Arabic media reports had suggested that Premium 95 gasoline was in short supply. The reports quoted unnamed gas stations' attendants and unidentified sources as saying that the shortage in the supply of high-grade gasoline resulted from the smuggling of large quantities of Premium 95 to other countries. Calls to some gas stations and readers of Arab News who use Premium 95 gasoline revealed that there is no such shortage.

"I have been using Premium 95 gasoline ever since it was introduced, and have never been told at any station that it is not available," said Hussam Fakeeh, a Riyadh-based business executive who owns a gas-guzzling American car. "This news has come as a surprise to me." He said he drove to Makkah last Thursday and encountered no shortage at the gas stations that dot the 900 km highway." Gasoline stations across Saudi Arabia began selling a new grade of gasoline from Jan. 1, 2007. Before 2007, gasoline stations in Saudi Arabia offered only 95-octane gasoline. The new grade called 91-octane is sold under the name Premium 91. The 95-octane gasoline is called Premium 95. The price of Premium 91 is 60 halalas per liter and the price for Premium 95 is 75 halalas per liter. Since 2007 transport companies and gas stations constructed tanks and separate facilities for the two types of gasoline. Premium 91 is green in color and is dispensed from green gasoline pumps while Premium 95 is red in color and dispensed from red pumps.

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
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Date:May 19, 2011
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