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Arab Ministers Announce Pro-Palestinian Media Campaign.

By VOA News

Arab information ministers, meeting in Cairo, have agreed to spend more than $1 million to improve the Palestinians' image in Western media in the fight against Israeli occupation.

Arab League media adviser Hanan Ashrawi said the campaign would combat what she called "media deception" relating to the Palestinian issue. The information ministers said Western media generally portray Israel as the victim in the 11-month-long Palestinian uprising.

Lebanese Information Minister Ghazi Aridi, who chaired the meeting, said the conference was in response to "great powers trying to appease Israel at the expense of fairness and justice."

The United States was chosen as the primary focus of the campaign, with lesser efforts to be directed toward European media outlets. The information ministers said the plan also would help Arab nations speak with greater unity about the Israeli-Palestinian situation.

Reuters said the action plan will devote much of the budget for advertisements in major world newspapers, while some of the money would finance English-language coverage broadcast on Arab satellite channels. Most media outlets in Arab nations are state-run or controlled by government officials.

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:Aug 16, 2001
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