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Aquinas and the Market: Toward a Humane Economy.


Aquinas and the Market: Toward a Humane Economy

Mary L. Hirschfeld

Harvard University Press


268 pages




Hirschfeld put economics, theology, and Thomas Aquinas together and came up with a humane economy. At first, she balked at working on theological economics, but clarity came while working on a paper on Thomas AquinasAEs account of private property. She found that to do theological economics properly it is best to begin not with economic topics but rather with a theological account of human nature. For both Aquinas and economists, human desire cannot be satiated by finite goods. Rather, we are driven by the desire for more. The resulting point of contact makes it easier to identify the assumptions that underlie the divergences between AquinasAE account of human choice and that of economists. She found that key assumptions rest on metaphysics. The book addresses issues that are important for secular audiences as well, because it calls attention to the impact metaphysical assumptions have on how we understand the human pursuit of happiness. Secular thinkers are challenged to find a way to build their own bridges between disciplines, which are essential if we are to address the moral changes of contemporary capitalism. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Jan 1, 2019
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