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   The mighty Eagle's droppings litter
      the papers of news,
   his sexual proclivities, exposed
      for all
   to see as he courts a male
      with no progeny.
   His head is dirty-white; his eyesight
      is diminished,
   his feathers, brown, tattered, dull,
      as parasites
   feed on his flesh but, still,
      he is his god.
   Gorged and drunk on river-water
      wine he teeters
   in a pine as mockingbirds entertain
      like minstrels,
   and an army of ravens creep
      ever closer
   to pierce Aquila, the fallen Eagle.

The first decan (0 degrees - 10) of the astrological sign Capricorn is Sagitta - a heavenly arrow speeding to its aim. The second decan (11-20) of Capricorn shows Aquila, the pierced and falling eagle. Its principal star is Al Tair, meaning the wounded. The dwarf planet Pluto, which according to astrology either destroys or transforms, will be transiting the second decan of Capricorn between 2014 and 2019. In my poem, the eagle is a symbol of the United States.

Rosalyn Becker (Ft. Myers, FL). I want my voice to be heard and I will not give up. I was educated at the University of Dayton and the Dayton Art Institute. I worked mostly for other people, like Bell Telephone and the Catholic Church. But I also started my own businesses--an art gallery and wholesale macrame business. I also designed, created and sold jewelry. I believe there is a spirit world, therefore, I believe in God in an abstract way. God is The Higher Power. I am author of Unveiling the Soul: Spirituality in the Dimension of Opposites.

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Title Annotation:POEMS, ESSAYS ET AL
Author:Becker, Rosalyn
Publication:The American Dissident
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Date:Sep 22, 2016
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