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Aquatic life of Karachi in danger.

Byline: SYED ASAD ALI RIZVI - Islamabad

All living beings and species created by God are as equal in importance as Homo sapiens also known as human beings.

A recent research has shown that near Karachi harbor area the aquatic life is bearing harmful consequences of textile waste products. The textile industries have been releasing great amount of waste which contains hazardous and toxic pollutants which is affecting the marine life in a dangerous way. The waste is mostly composed of chemicals like copper, cadmium, chromium, iron and lead which are found in great amounts from fishes in the coastal area of Arabian Sea.

Another study has shown that about 5000 tons of waste from industries is regularly being dumped in coastal area of Karachi, which is creating acute disorders in aquatic organisms. As we know that fish are among the top level of aquatic food chain and are sensitive indicators of trace metal pollution. They are largely consumed by human beings and by entering human body; they cause various harmful diseases and damages to humans.

Therefore,it is of paramount importance that textile industries should not release toxic waste on sea shores and should filter their waste or burn it to avoid marine pollution which in return creates dangerous effects on human life.

The industrial waste is creating huge economic loss through reduction in the export potential of fish import and export industry. Now it is the need of hour to continuously monitor biodata in these areas and furthermore our govt should enforce pollution control laws and regulations so that metal concentrations do not get to such critical levels that they will threaten human health and life.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Mar 24, 2019
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