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Aquastar shellfish line takes gold medal in USA Paperboard Packaging Competition.

Four frozen food companies and their packaging suppliers were recently named winners in the National Paperboard Packaging Competition held in Washington, D.C. The annual design contest highlights the important role packaging plays in product development and marketplace success.

Aquastar Inc.'s retail line of shrimp and scallops received the only gold award in the frozen food category. The Seattle-based company's packaging, designed by James River Corp., appealed to the judges' sense of visual concept, outstanding photography and detail. It was also noted that the package was combined with three or more items on the same print form.

The only silver medal in the frozen food category went to Haagen-Dazs Company's Price Club Stick Bars. Structurally designed by Rand-Whitney Packaging Corp., the upscale format was cited for assuring consumers that the ice cream's quality is consistent with the brand name.

Judges said they were surprised with the "superior packaging for display at a club store." Graphics on the front panel showcase the product within. A color-coded band breaks through the front panel to help differentiate the package from other similar products. Moreover, special care has been taken for six-color offset printing, die cutting and gluing.

Two bronze medals were awarded in the frozen food category. They went to Campbell Soup Company's Le Menu Dinners and Great A&P Tea Company's Master Choice Criss-Cuts Potato Fries. Packaging designs were respectively executed by Reid Dominion (a unit of Waldorf Corp.) and James River Corp.

Judges said that "excellent consumer response resulted from the enticing, appealing photography on the Le Menu Dinners. And Master Choice's packaging conveys the quality of a premium potato product not usually available at retail levels."

All together, 17 gold, 26 silver and 28 bronze medals were awarded. The winners were chosen from among hundreds of entries in 24 product categories ranging from foods and cosmetics to toys.
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Title Annotation:Aquastar Inc.
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Oct 1, 1993
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