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April springs at cattle show; Annual sale is a huge success.

Harrison and Hetherington Ltd held their annual April Fair Day show and sale of store cattle on Tuesday.

With a fantastic standard of cattle entered, the judge was spoilt for choice when it came to the show.

The trade on the day exceeded all expectations with a significant increase on the previous sale despite still only a slight improvement on the finishing trade.

Dry weather and plenty of grass has contributed to the influx of demand for younger cattle especially.

Bullocks topped at PS1240 for a pen of two Limousins from Messrs Richardson, Purdomstone followed by PS1100 for a bullock from Messrs Ewart, Belridding and PS1040 for a pen of 6 Charolais from Messrs Goldie, Greenfield.

Heifers topped at PS1165 from G & J Wilson, Whitehill shortly followed by a pen of 5 Limousins from Little Red Hall making PS1150. 265p was the top ppk for bullocks from Messrs Mair, Meikleholm and an overwhelming 293ppk for a Charolais heifer from Goldie of Greenfield. Prizewinners Bullocks: 1 G & J Wilson, Whitehill, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie - PS1040, 224.1ppk; 2 M Crew, Gall Farm, Borland, Lockerbie - PS860, 204.8ppk; 3 M Crew, Gall Farm, Borland, Lockerbie - PS850, 207.3ppk.

Heifers: 1 S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm,Torthorwald, Dumfries - PS1145, 255.6ppk; 2 G & J Wilson, Whitehill, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie - PS1165, 246.8ppk; 3 G & JWILSON, Whitehill, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie - PS950, 226.2ppk. Champion: S Ewart & Son, Belridding Farm,Torthorwald, Dumfries - PS1145, 255.6ppk.

Reserve champion: G & J Wilson, Whitehill, Kirtlebridge, Lockerbie - PS1040, 224.1ppk.

Leading prices per head: Steers - Limousin: PS1240, PS1040, PS1040, PS940 Purdomstone, PS1100, PS1080, PS1040 Belridding, PS1050, PS1035, PS1025 Belzies, PS1050, PS1035, PS1010 Maryfield, PS1040 Highlaw, PS1040, PS955(x2)Whitehill, PS990 Crossdykes, PS920 Lawston Farm. Salers: PS1090 Greenfield Charolais PS1090, PS1040, PS1000, PS985, PS935 Greenfield, PS1075, PS920 Skipmyre Farm, PS980, PS960, PS930 Mayfield, PS740 Kimmeter Green. Aberdeen Angus: PS1065, PS920, PS845 Minsca Farm, PS975, PS910, PS870 Newbiggin, PS860 Keyla Park. British Blue: PS1050, PS1025, PS960 Belzies, PS940, PS860 Laverockhall, PS940 Searigg Farm. Shorthorn: PS985 Greenfield, PS960, PS910(x2) Newbiggin, PS870, PS800 Skipmyre, PS850 Gall Farm. Beef Shorthorn: PS910, PS865 Newbiggin, PS835 Crossdykes, PS830 Minsca Farm. Simmental: PS805 Heithat Farm, PS750, PS740 Gall Farm. Heifers - Limousin: PS1165, PS950(x2)Whitehill, PS1150 Little Redhall Farm, PS1145, PS1100 Belridding, PS1130 Reddings, PS1100, PS1080, PS920 Purdomstone, PS1090, PS930, PS880 Mosshead Farm, Belzies, PS960, PS920 Kirkburn Farm, PS960 Crossdykes, PS955Terrona, PS945 Reddings, PS940 Penlaw. Aberdeen Angus: PS1120, PS1070 Greenbeck, PS1000 Dryfesdale Gate Farm, PS950Whitehill, PS935 Minsca. Charolais: PS1090, PS935 Maryfield, PS1045, PS940, PS895, PS875 Greenfield, PS990, PS835, PS820 Skipmyre Farm. British Blue: PS1060 Laverockhall, PS915 Esbie Farm, PS870 Searigg Farm. Leading prices per kilo: Heifers - Charolais: 292.7p, 249.3p, 236.1p, 235.6p Greenfield, 237.2p, 236.8p Skipmyre Farm, 234.9p Mayfield.

Limousin: 272.6p, 270.8p, 243.1p, 232.2p, 228.6p Mosshead Farm, 266.4p, 265.4p, 244.6p, 243.8p Reddings, 255.6p Belridding Farm, Greenfield, 246.8p, 226.2pWhitehill, 244.9p Kirkburn Farm, 242.4p Crossdykes Farm, 242p, 237.6p, 236.8p Heithat Farm, 231.9pTerrona, 228.2p Little Redhall Farm. British Blue: 243.1p Laverockhall. Simmental: 212.9p Gall Farm, 206.8p Abune the Brae Luing 212.9p Gall Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 211.9p Keyla Park, 207.3p Esbie Farm, 202.4p Minsca Farm, 200.7p Greenbeck Steers - Limousin: 264.7p, 241.2p Meikleholm Farm, 262.7p Terrona, 262.5p Laverockhall, 256p, 251.6p, 244.2p Heithat Farm, 252.3p, 243.2p Penlaw, 250.6p (x2) Belridding Farm, 247.1p Mosshead Farm, 236.8p Crossdykes Farm, 236.5p Lawston Farm, 236.3p, 233.8p, 232.3p Maryfield, 228.6p, 226.6p Purdomstone, 228.2p Lawston Farm. Charolais: 263.6p, 247.7p Skipmyre Farm, 243.8p, 236.4p, 234.3p, 218.9p Greenfield, 227p, 226.5p Kimmeter Green, 222.2p, 219.3p, 217.2p Maryfield. British Blue: 252.7p, 215p Laverockhall, 223.9p, 210.5p Belzies, 212.7p Searigg Farm, 211.5p Kimmeter Green. Salers: 243.8p Greenfield. Beef Shorthorn: 238.3p, 214.6p Newbigging, 203.7p Crossdykes Farm. Aberdeen Angus: 235.6p Kayla Park, 229.2p, 217p, 215p Newbigging, 212.4p Fingland, 211.7p, 210.7p, 207.7p Minsca. Shorthorn: 228.6p, 210.1p Skipmyre, 214.6p(x2), 208.7p Newbigging, 207.3p Gall Farm. Simmental: 217.6p, 211.8p Gall Farm, 216.4p Heithat Farm.
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Publication:Dumfries and Galloway Standard (Dumfriesshire, Scotland)
Date:Apr 19, 2019
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