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April imports rise 5.1 percent.

April imports rise 5.1 percent

Imported beer shipments into the United States increased 5.1 percent in April, notching 22.03 million gallons compared to last April's 20.85 million. Total shipments for 1990 continued to be below those in 1989, showing a 3.8-percent drop to 78.06 million gallons.

The Netherlands bucked the trend with an increase during April of 16.4 percent compared to the corresponding period last year. Additionally, the country reported a modest 0.5-percent rise in imports for all of 1990.

Also showing an increase in April shipments, West Germany slated 3 million barrels, and 10.36 million for the year. These were 2.7- and 4.6-percent jumps, respectively.

The United Kingdom additionally reported a rise of 30 percent during the month, increasing shipments from 669,920 in 1989 to 871,015 in April 1990.

Australia, too, showed an immense shipment jump of 144 percent during the month. Accordingly, the Land Down Under has shown an increase of 80.2 percent during the first four months of 1990, shipping nearly 2 million barrels to the U.S.

On the downside, Canada reported a 4.6-percent decrease during April, shipping 5.57 million barrels from last year's 5.84 million. For the year, Canadian shipments were down 17.3 percent.

Additionally, Mexican shipments were off 22 percent. During the month, 2.71 million gallons were shipped, compared to 3.47 million in April, 1989. Total shipment from Mexico for all of 1990 fell by more than 2 million barrels, or 17.9 percent.
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Title Annotation:imported beers to the United States increased
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 2, 1990
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