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April fools!

Fox News anchors like Bill O'Reilly are notorious for grabbing a story from any source, preferably within the rightwing "echo chamber," and then reporting it as news. This seems to be Fox's MO on the local level as well, where the intelligence isn't even up to O'Reilly standards. It was around April Fool's Day (which should have been a tip-off) that Boston's gay weekly Bay Windows published a front-page story about how the Vatican had sent a letter to Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, demanding that he no longer buy his sandals in Provincetown, which rendered them "sandals of Sodom." WFXT/Fox25 dutifully reported the story as part of the day's news, only to be told by Bay Windows that it was all a joke. But it didn't stop there: Fox25's howler itself became a local news item and the butt of jokes ("Are those sandals of Sodom or are ya happy to see me?"). After all, consider what they had to believe in order to go with this story: that the ederly Cardinal wears sandals, that he goes to P'town to buy them, that the Vatican monitors his footwear choices ... For whatever reason, the folks at Fox must have really wanted this story to be true.
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Title Annotation:BTW; Fox News Network L.L.C.
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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