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 We stand at the quarry's edge Trying to take photographs Just
before nightfall falls. Its perimeter, overgrown, has Taken the
appearance of a pyre. Our five centuries together are Nearly done, the
time has come For us to smile and build our nest Of branches. Each
thought now Takes its shape from the floating World and passes by as
empty Colors and forms. We draw out Our illusions in henna on each
Other's bodies and end our life In the fragrance--and from out Of
us, something else entirely Is born to live on. When time Gives way to
the gathering light, It takes its cradle, our grave, And whirls us into
the center Of oblivion to be consumed by The breezes of the winter sun.
Unrelenting, a snow begins. 

Aaron Fagan (www. is the author of Garage (Salt Publishing, 2007) and Echo Train (Salt Publishing, 2010).
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Title Annotation:Two Poems
Author:Fagan, Aaron
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Poem
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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