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Apps To Help You Trace Your Family Tree.

You don't have to be with your great-great grandfather nowadays to guide you build your family tree. Today's technology allows you to consult the right database. If you cross reference with your family docs, you can possibly trace your genealogy four to five centuries back. Also, you can do genealogy research with your smartphone. Here are the apps that can help trace family trees. is a good place to start building your family tree as it runs considerable applications for such. The app that is a way to construct straightforward family tree.

It begins when one enters data that already exist in online databases or family records. Building the tree starts with that entry. Name, date and birthplace can be tapped or can pull the information from Facebook.

When the data are in place, the information about the parents, grandparents and so on can be added. The app builds the tree as the data is added. Entries can be edited or information can be added such as siblings, children, wedding dates, death dates and so forth.

Input information is then compared with the genealogical data and online databases. If it thinks the entries match historical info found somewhere else, it alerts you for the "hint." You can validate the information, include it in your tree or dismiss it.

If you already researched your family history, this app could be a good data repository. It has its quirks though, like populating the tree based on typical ideas which might not apply to you. Some users find it a bit tiresome to go back to an entry, like adding information on relatives.

The app is free on Android and iOS. But you can run it in line with the entire Web site to make the most of it. Accessing some databases requires a fee, like $35 for data from World Explorer.

( MobileFamilyTree 7

App MobileFamilyTree 7 can do research without pairing it to a parent Web site as it has research databases built into it. It can search family history info and import genealogy database saved from other apps of family tree that you have previously used.

The most appealing about MobileFamilyTree 7 is the 3D "virtual family tree" that turns the usual 2D tree shape in 3D, which can zoom around. Entering data is quite tedious though, and some reviewers on iTunes complained about the databases, which are not at par compared to its competitors.

MobileFamilyTree 7 costs $15 on iOS.

( MyHeritage

App MyHeritage is a great option for building family trees. Also free on Android and iOS, it works akin to Ancestry. It is best when used with the parent Web site, yet it can still be effective alone. It asks for the same information but lesser in attraction.

MyHeritage presents entries in the family tree as a "card". Add to the card by tapping it; and the app will turn it over. This graphical quirk keeps you tract of the data you enter. MyHeritage allows you to share photos in your smartphones.

Built into this app is a research system which uses some databases to find information regarding your ancestors. It is powerful and interesting. Access to the system is $10 yearly.

Warning: Make sure to set your family tree to private settings, or be certain if you enable it to be shared publicly.
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Date:Feb 19, 2014
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