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Appropriately, Gold Award-winning Publications Management is a model of publishing expertise. (Effective design).

Publications Management, this year's Gold Award winner in the Newsletter Awards Competition, subscription category, is published by Phoenix; Arizona-based McMurry Newsletters.

The founding two years ago of the newsletter taglined "Proven strategies for exceptional corporate publishing" seems like a natural move by the parent McMurry Publishing which it self is one of the largest custom publishers in the U.S. It produces 20 syndicated and single-sponsor publications for more than 115 clients, including hospitals, banks, corporations, utilities, hospitals, and school districts.

Three of its syndicated magazines for hospitals-About Health, SmartHealth, and Vim & Vigor-have circulations of more than one million.

The $299/year monthly Publications Management goes to custom publishers and corporate communicators at larger associations and corporations.

The striking and effective design of the newsletter begins with its unusual but handsome nameplate typeface, Griffith Gothic. The headlines and body text are rendered in a similarly uncommon typeface, Miller.

It's printed black on white with the second color--dark orange or rust--used judiciously in the full-bleed vertical rule on the left-hand edge of right-hand pages and the right-hand edge of left-hand pages, as well as in articles' large initial caps, sidebars, some illustrations, and other accents.

As design experts recommend, the second color complements and highlights the editorial content, rather than just "decorate" it.

Publications Management deftly uses a four-column page grid in a way that produces both consistency and variety. Some pages, like p. 1, use all four columns but broken up by a two-column width headline and introduction to the lead article. Other pages are broken up by two- and three-column sidebars.

The "Portfolio" spread on pp. 8-9 uses two columns for illustrations of the publications reviewed, while maintaining the four-column grid elsewhere. And a gray background border is thrown in for good measure.

That same gray screen is also used in a number of the sidebars.

Illustrations and photos abound--of products, people, and publications--all contributing to the vitality and variety of the newsletter.

The editorial content of Publications Managment features no less vitality and variety. The lead story is a two-page analysis of a study that shows that corporate publications motivate consumers to buy products.

A "PM Exclusive" lays out six ways to cut printing costs.

Regular features include:

* "Feedback," reporting on a survey taken on the publication's web site;

* "Writing" offering tips on 17 departments one might include in a company magazine;

* "Design," devoted in this issue to serif vs. sans serif typeface, "Easy ways to add impact with images," and a brief piece on the effects various colors have on readers;

* "Portfolio," reviewing publications and giving them grades on editorial and design strengths and weaknesses;

* "Strategy," continuing the p. 1 article on printing costs;

* "Resources," asking three editors and publishers their opinion on a timely topic.

There's even an article on the Dutch glossy magazine Mainline Lady, which is targeted to female drug addicts. Designed to "improve the health and quality of life of drug users," the 32-page magazine evolved from a newsletter after readers asked for more.

Put it all together--design and content, detailed advice and informal observations, survey results and plain entertainment--and you've got a winning newsletter, a Gold Award-winning newsletter.

RELATED ARTICLE : Production specs:

* 12 pages, 81/2 x 11"

* Stock: 60# Cascade Smooth

* Typefaces: Nameplate-Griffith Gothic, headlines and body text-Miller

Editors: Carey E. Jones and Marc Oxborrow

Designer: Marc Oxborrow

Production manager: Sally Hand

Publisher: McMurry Newsletters, a division of McMurry Publishing

1010 East Missouri Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85014, 602 -395-5850, fox 602.395-5833, www.mcmurry. corn,
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Date:Nov 15, 2001
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