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War historian 'closer than ever' to solving mystery of unknown Somme hero; Imperial War Museum expert Matt Lee believes he may have found the identity of a previously unnamed heroic soldier featured in the 1916 film The Battle of the Somme. By, Natasha Wynarczyk Nov 26, 2021 457
Tributes for a Melton community stalwart; Tributes have been paid to Cyril Bowes, a prominent former scientist at Pera and a keen Melton historian, following his death at the age of 84. Nick Rennie Jun 2, 2021 409
One day I hope we'll play heaven football together in heav- Pele pays tribute after the death of Maradona last year; Historians of the beautiful game salute Football's Square Mile including resting place of a teamful of legends. Murray Scougall May 2, 2021 1416
Rich tributes paid to Sindhi historian, intellectual Dr Nabi Bakhsh Baloch. Apr 8, 2021 415
Filipino historian gets Spanish university's highest honors. Mar 6, 2021 741
War hero shunned by countrymen; Historian delves into the touching story of a courageous VC soldier whose Irish homecoming was far from welcoming. TOBY NEAL SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Feb 18, 2021 1094
War hero shunned by countrymen; Historian delves into the touching story of a courageous VC soldier whose Irish homecoming was far from welcoming. TOBY NEAL Feb 18, 2021 1091
War hero shunned by countrymen; Historian delves into the touching story of a courageous VC soldier whose Irish homecoming was far from welcoming. Feb 18, 2021 1076
Tributes to historian and ex-MP. WILL HAYWARD Acting political editor Obituary Feb 16, 2021 492
Tributes pour in for former Welsh MP Hywel Francis; 'His remarkable career as historian, politician and adult educator exuded wisdom, humour and a strong sense of social justice'. By, Will Hayward Feb 15, 2021 384
Tributes to 'The Hud' after City legend dies. FOOTBALL By ANDY TURNER Dec 30, 2020 443
1st death anniversary of historian Khalil Moriani observed in Shikarpur. Adeel Alvi Nov 30, 2020 200
Civil society pays tribute to renowned Shikarpur historian Sain Khalil Moriani on his first death anniversary. Adeel Alvi Nov 24, 2020 187
Historian Benito J. Legarda's legacy, through his daughter's eyes. Sep 6, 2020 1567
Honoring Filipino heroes. Aug 29, 2020 1007
'A man of faith': Aurora's 'Cross Man' dies from cancer. Katlyn Smith May 5, 2020 535
Historians want VE Day memories. Mar 17, 2020 160
Tributes paid to historian Stan, a true 'pillar of the Black Country'. DEBORAH HARDIMAN Obituary Jan 24, 2020 598
Archie Baird: Tributes paid to golf historian and Gullane stalwart after he passes away aged 95. Dec 10, 2019 622
Bobby Prentice, Hearts legend who played over 200 games, dies at 65. Obituary Sep 17, 2019 279
Cofiwch Dryweryn tributes have been spotted as far afield as the USA; A historian has mapped out all the locations of replicas across the globe. Sep 1, 2019 556
Producer of music show the Tube and Tyneside historian Chris Phipps dies; Chris Phipps worked as a producer on 80s music show The Tube before penning a number of books about film and music. Aug 25, 2019 466
OKWUI ENWEZOR 1963-2019. Siegel, Katy; Piper, Adrian; Griffin, Tim; Ligon, Glenn; McQueen, Steve In memoriam Jun 22, 2019 4734
Tributes recall historian Khoo's contributions to Malaysia. May 28, 2019 708
TRIBUTE TO GREAT WAR KIWI HEROES; The culmination of a campaign to have a Great War information panel on Cannock Chase featuring the close links between the New Zealand troops based there and the local communities - actively supported by the Mercury over the last five years - takes place this Thursday. Our historian, RICHARD PURSEHOUSE, reveals the story behind the ceremony. May 19, 2019 1288
Elgin historian Stroud remembered for his tenacity, thoughtfulness. Apr 12, 2019 445
A bugle salute to the Boys' Brigade; HISTORIAN stephen butler RECALLS HIS CHILDHOOD DAYS IN THE 21ST COMPANY. Mar 19, 2019 751
National Artist for Architecture Francisco Maaosa dies at 88. Obituary Feb 20, 2019 165
Slayer to the throne A historian has claimed Robert the Bruce plotted to Historian says film is; SINISTER TRUTH BEHIND THE KILLING THAT CLEARED WAY FOR BRUCE TO RULE; Historian says film is wrong.. calculating Robert lured royal rival to his bloody death. Nov 11, 2018 1052
Slayer to the throne; SINISTER TRUTH BEHIND THE KILLING THAT CLEARED WAY FOR BRUCE TO RULE; Historian says film is wrong.. calculating Robert lured royal rival to his bloody death. Nov 11, 2018 1042
Digging the idea of party in honour of top telly historian; tribute to time team mainstay mick aston. Sep 20, 2018 836
Carmen Guerrero Nakpil dies at 96. Obituary Jul 30, 2018 152
Kenneth Chih-Sung Kan 1952-2017. In memoriam Mar 22, 2018 252
HAIL, MOMMSEN. Epstein, Joseph Mar 22, 2018 3736
Elites and Imperial Ambitions: A Symposium: The Real Thucydides Trap. Gustafson, Lowell Essay Mar 22, 2018 11438
Tribute to an Urban Historian. Nolan, Frances Mar 21, 2018 1721
Newcastle United launch appeal for relatives of ex-Magpies who served in World War I; Club historian Paul Joannou is looking to speak to family members as part of a special tribute to those who served in the Great War. Jan 27, 2018 270
HISTORIANS HUNT FOR FAMILY OF EXECUTED SAS HERO; Memorial honour for soldiers killed in Operation Loyton. Dec 31, 2017 468
'Man of principle who lost his job because he stuck to his beliefs' city historian joins tributes to 70s union firebrand 'red robbo'. Nov 2, 2017 404
Designer in a galaxy far, far away from rivals dies at 86. Obituary Oct 29, 2017 149
In Memoriam: Professor F. Nii Yartey (1946-2015): A Life in Perpetual Motion. Yates, Reginald Jun 1, 2017 2714
In honor of Albert Wardin, global Baptist historian. Gourley, Bruce T. Mar 22, 2017 611
Qatar honors Kuwaiti historian Saif Al-Shamlan for heritage documentation. Oct 10, 2016 178
Reaching for the vision: the ATWS/AGSS story. Rodell, Paul A.; Head, William Occupation overview Sep 22, 2016 13141
Tributes as ex-lifeboat man dies suddenly. Jun 27, 2016 398
A Historian's Craft. Valiunas, Algis Brief biography Mar 22, 2016 3808
Alfred Erich Senn, legendary Lithuanian Historian, dies at 83. Obituary Mar 10, 2016 169
'Bohemian Jack' shot dead by firing squad for 'a simple act of peace-making' 'Shot at Dawn' tribute for First World War New Zealand soldier after lobbying from historians. Jan 28, 2016 1244
Bohemian Jack shot dead by firing squad for 'a simple act of 'peace-making' 'Shot at Dawn' tribute for First World War New Zealand soldier after lobbying from historians. Jan 17, 2016 1266
Bernard C. Nalty: (1931-2015). Watson, George M. In memoriam Dec 22, 2015 718
Daniel R. Mortensen: (1938-2015). Watson, George M. In memoriam Dec 22, 2015 684
Historian's wife in tribute as university funeral announced. Oct 15, 2015 401
Tributes to the man who gave our shared history that human touch; Historian, acadamic and columnist dies aged 61. Oct 8, 2015 542
Tributes paid to historian who worked on hit drama. Oct 5, 2015 291
'The historian's art historian': Tom Stammers on Francis Haskell. Sep 1, 2015 723
Two cheers for Howard Zinn: the radical historian was as much populist as leftist. Stove, R.J. Mar 1, 2015 2298
Language centre scheme in memory of historian; BRIEFLY. Obituary Feb 26, 2015 127
Cultural and folk icon dies aged 95. Feb 23, 2015 402
Tributes to influential Welsh historian. Feb 17, 2015 194
Acquisition of the year: the art historian Michael Sullivan, who died last year, amassed one of the greatest western collections of modern Chinese art during his lifetime. Its bequest to the Ashmolean Museum transforms Oxford into a major centre for the study of Asian art. Hall, Michael Dec 1, 2014 576
Ypres is not a tourism destination and the Last Post is not meant to be applauded; North East historian JOHN SADLER is concerned about the way we are marking the ceremonies of remembrance. Nov 13, 2014 688
A scholarly tribute to Bettina Bradbury, feminist historian of the family: a roundtable discussion. Fahrni, Magda Sep 22, 2014 777
A Scholarly tribute to Bettina Bradbury, feminist historian of the family. Millward, Liz Essay Sep 22, 2014 2201
"The encounter between personal commitment and scholarly curiosity": a reappreciation of Sergei Fedorovich Platonov's Ocherki po istorii smuty. Martin, Russell E. Reprint Sep 22, 2014 301
Sporting fan Dave, 70, dies at Headingley; Tributes after Giants historian's fatal collapse. Obituary Aug 30, 2014 543
Tributes for late author and historian. Mar 22, 2014 116
'Band of Brothers' vet William Guarnere dies at 90. Obituary Mar 10, 2014 329
Rayford W. Logan: the evolution of a Pan-African protege, 1921-1927. Reed, David L. Report Mar 1, 2014 11384
Tributes to historian at launch of his book. Feb 13, 2014 197
Prince Edward Island. Johnston, Marian Dec 22, 2013 433
Historians from Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Macedonia (only ethnic Albanians) met at a conference in Struga over the weekend organized by the municipality of Struga and Zijadin Sela of PDSH, the Association of Albanian Historians and the Bulgarian Culture Club of Skopje to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Ohrid-Debar Uprising. Conference news Oct 3, 2013 123
Leithers unite across globe; Facebook page created in memory of historian gives a glimpse into the past. Obituary Oct 2, 2013 788
Historian Greg finds missing WWI memorial; BRONZE TRIBUTE TO WORKERS AT CAR BOOT. Jul 18, 2013 449
The Marquis of Anglesey, military historian, dies at 90. Jul 17, 2013 227
History as literature. Valiunas, Algis Jun 22, 2013 4079
Wladyslaw Wielhorski (1885-1967)--historian, political scientist and public figure/Wladyslawas Wielhorskis (1885-1967)--istorikas, politologas, visuomenes veikejas. Ilgiewicz, Henryka Report Jun 1, 2013 3944
Welsh Education studies loses its brightest star in GE Jones; Wales lost one of its most prominent academics last month. Professor Gareth Elwyn Jones, who carried on his education work despite a devastating road crash, was an inspiration to many modern-day historians. Here, Prof Geraint H Jenkins, former head of Welsh history at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, pays tribute to a friend and former colleague. May 2, 2013 803
"The end is inevitable, but not predictable": two-time Pulitzer prize winner and former New York times columnist Anthony Lewis, NF '57, remembers Stanley Karnow, NF '58. Lewis, Anthony Obituary Jan 1, 2013 679
Tributes to region historian Dr Robert. Nov 2, 2012 367
Grand Chief Konrad Sioui honours Kiowarini. White, Marie Nov 1, 2012 983
Tributes to conservationist and historian. Obituary Nov 1, 2012 365
Spanish Embassy and Cervantes Institute pay tribute to historian Afif Turk. Oct 30, 2012 352
A Night at the Ballpark. Casway, Jerrold Essay Sep 22, 2012 587
In memoriam. Obituary Jul 1, 2012 106
Liverpool's oldest war veteran dies aged 102; George was a big man with a big heart. Sep 26, 2011 475
'Who helped as long as they lived'. Bullock, Roger Editorial Sep 22, 2011 764
Monroe Fordham: the historian's craft and the training of a historian. Thevenin, Rose C. Essay Jul 1, 2011 3004
Monroe Fordham: an appreciation. Smith, E.O. Essay Jul 1, 2011 2392
Monroe Fordham: an American story. Crock, Gordon Essay Jul 1, 2011 2248
War hero Fermor dies at 96. Jun 12, 2011 119
Tributes to footy author; Fan who got tragic goalkeeper recognition sadly dies. Obituary Apr 4, 2011 393
The AR asked five of its esteemed contributors to reflect on the legacy of James Stirling for architectural historians and practioners Today. Apr 1, 2011 1520
Sheldon Abraham Goldberg (1939-2010). Watson, George M., Jr. In memoriam Mar 22, 2011 345
Great Iraqi Historian, Dr. Abdul-Aziz al-Douri, commemorated. Nov 27, 2010 368
Miscegenation and race: a roundtable on Peggy Pascoe's What Comes Naturally. Freedman, Estelle B. Sep 1, 2010 1791
Record breaker film buff, 65, dies. Sep 1, 2010 159
Personal History. Jul 6, 2010 1516
A fitting tribute; Annual lecture to mark historian's life. Obituary Mar 15, 2010 300
'Few men have achieved what this great Welsh historian did' Tributes paid to an academic who helped shape our nation's identity. Jan 6, 2010 855
Anger at theft of tributes to dead; MEMORIALS: Missing plaques to city's war victims blamed on thieves. Jan 4, 2010 570
More than a 'mere Herodotolater': Paul Cartledge visits the archive of History Today to retrieve a critical appraisal of the Greek proto-historian Herodotus by the inimitable Oxford don Russell Meiggs, first published in 1957. Cartledge, Paul Jan 1, 2010 726
Patrick O'Farrell and the Patrick O'Farrell memorial lecture. Gascoigne, John Speech Jan 1, 2010 719
A 200th-year tribute to Grand Old Man Gladstone; Historian to translate 20m-word diary into Braille. Dec 30, 2009 493
The lettered reactionary: John Lukacs is a writer first, a teacher second, a follower never. Rodden, John; Rossi, John Dec 1, 2009 2455
Debt of thanks to Dr Everton; Health Secretary salutes Blues historian. Sep 25, 2009 389
Dedication. Tresp, Lothar L. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 313
Celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. John Hope Franklin. Jun 11, 2009 2516
An elegy for Eugen Weber. Quinn, Frederick Mar 22, 2009 12537
Tribute team searching for RAF man's family; Historians planning monument to air crew killed over Netherlands. Mar 9, 2009 291
The worthy Doctor Fuller: M.J. Cohen celebrates the life of Thomas Fuller, a pioneer historian and contemporary of Milton, with whom he shares a 400th anniversary. Cohen, M.J. Dec 1, 2008 3046
Getting to know Dr. Ricardo Romo. Lum, Lydia Sep 18, 2008 406
Sir Howard Colvin: Geoffrey Tyack remembers the renowned architectural historian who died on December 27th, 2007. Tyack, Geoffrey In memoriam Apr 1, 2008 966
Reg Green, also known as 'Mr Grand National' dies, aged 70. Mar 27, 2008 382
'Aintree oracle' and National guru dies; Tributes to unique historian. Mar 26, 2008 483
'True gentleman' Norman dies at 98; DEATH: Bedworth teaching stalwart was a man of 'stern kindness'. Obituary Mar 24, 2008 465
The young Stephen Tonsor: teacher, historicist, and conservative. Amato, Joseph A. Essay Mar 22, 2008 6018
Fighter ace dies after last flight. Apr 14, 2007 202
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., 1917-2007. Sorensen, Theodore C. Obituary Apr 1, 2007 834
Richard Weaver and piety towards nature. Bliese, John R.E. Mar 22, 2007 5312
Raymond de Roover's enduring contribution to economic history. Grabill, Stephen J. Essay Mar 22, 2007 1046
Historian in tribute to Spitfire test pilot. Mar 3, 2007 173
Historian praised at No 10 slavery event. Jan 23, 2007 344
Making history: conference banquet tribute to Philip P. Choy and Him Mark Lai. Hom, Marlon K. Speech Jan 1, 2007 1813
Directing my path. Porter, Kimberly K. In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 1235
Remembering Willa Baum (1926-2006): oral history pioneer and former ROHO director. Lage, Ann In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 1449
Remembering Willa. Schneider, William In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 670
Willa K. Baum. Dunaway, David In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 2053
Willa's confidence and courage. Morrissey, Charles T. In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 332
Willa at ROHO. Morris, Gabrielle In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 1330
My significant mentor. Hughes, Sally Smith In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 472
Tribute to Willa Baum. O'Hara, Susan In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 526
The best job in the world. Swent, Eleanor In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 893
To touch future generations. Smith, Richard Candida In memoriam Jan 1, 2007 709
How Adu Boahen unlocked Ghana's history. Duodu, Cameron Oct 1, 2006 3068
The man who rescued African history. Duodu, Cameron Jul 1, 2006 2194
Ross House Museum. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 175
Uncle Jimmy Weinstein. Rothschild, Matthew Obituary Aug 1, 2005 604
Vale--Peter Chadwick. Metzke, Mari Obituary Dec 1, 2004 461
Lawrence W. McBride: an appreciation. Larkin, Emmet Sep 22, 2004 1630
Atkinson Offers an Inside Look at War. Mitchell, Greg May 1, 2004 823
Michael King writers' centre proposed in New Zealand. Brief Article Apr 19, 2004 123
John V. Kelleher, pioneer of Irish studies. McCaffrey, Lawrence J. Obituary Mar 22, 2004 1437
Victoria Cross noticeboard. Staunton, Anthony Obituary Mar 1, 2004 618
Paul Christianson as scholar and teacher. Woolf, Daniel Dec 1, 2003 2554
On top of the world: R.I. Moore celebrates the life and achievements of John Roberts, leading scholar of world history. Moore, R.I. Obituary Sep 1, 2003 1627
Franz Van De Velde, O.M.I. (1909-2002). Brandson, Lorraine E. Dec 1, 2002 1626
John Moir's contributions recognized by history society. (PCC news). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 199
A Sense of Time and Place: Gilbert Stelter's Contribution to Urban History. Taylor, John (English pop musician) Oct 1, 2000 4326
ASA BRIGGS. Snowman, Daniel Oct 1, 1999 2591
Times and tides. Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe Column Mar 1, 1996 1699
E.P. Thompson. Slack, Paul; Innes, Joanna Obituary Feb 1, 1994 945
Braudel on capitalism and the market. Wallerstein, Immanuel Feb 1, 1986 2806

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