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Appreciation of flora and fauna I HAVE been fortunate to have had my views aired on the letters page over a number of years showing my concerns with like-minded readers in regard to our diminishing wildlife species.

Therefore, I can only sympathise with the Levys (Birmingham Mail, June 27) about the loss of one of our most colourful birds, in this instance a trio of Goldfinch nestlings, with the guilty finger of suspicion pointing towards the magpie.

The magpie, belonging to the family corvidae along with other members of the crow family, has carnivorous tendencies. Its normal diet consists of seeds, insects, slugs and fruit, along with road casualties. Injured birds are added to their supply chain, being easy targets.

During the breeding season eggs and nestlings are taken, which may be cold comfort to the Levys, but the birds are only doing what comes naturally, it is part of nature's cycle and overall has little effect on the population.

Apparently the domestic cat does more harm than the aforementioned. Mankind itself poses the greatest threat to wildlife. We don't all profess to be conservationists but should appreciate the little greenery we have. Careless gardening, felling of trees and decimation of hedges, in fact anything bearing leaves, denies not only roosts but valuable nesting sites and, more importantly, shelter from predatory species. A suitable environment with a regular source of food can only encourage successful breeding. In some quarters a cull on the magpie, gull and Canadian goose would be welcome news, but who would enforce this when the RSPB is for the protection of all birds? Mr LC Hollier, Bartley Green

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jul 12, 2017
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