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Appreciation ceremony held at PCJCCI.

LAHORE: Pak China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry arranged an

exclusive Appreciation Ceremony in honor of Mr. Husnain Nazish for

writing a very informative and interesting travelogue on his visit to

China. The travelogue entitled as "Deewar-e-Cheen kay Saey Talay" is

the great reflection of the writers' experiences in the friendly

Chinese community. PCJCCI reviewed the travelogue and arranged an

exclusive ceremony of Appreciation in which special remarks were

expressed for Mr. Husnain Nazish by president PCJCCI, S.M. Naveed,

Senior Vice-president, Dr. Iqbal Qureshi and Vice President Rana

Mehmood Iqbal. Other PCJCCI representatives and dignitaries including

Mr. Wang Zihai, Moazzam Ghurki, M. Salahuddin Hanif, and various

Intellectuals and writers also participated in the ceremony.

Mr. S.M. Naveed addressed the ceremony with the welcoming remarks. He

said that PCJCCI will heartily encourage every move that will be

intended to promote cultural and trade relations with China. He said

that writers and intellectuals must come forward to play an effective

role in strengthening the cultural bond with China. He said that

Pakistan is entering into a historical relation with China that will

be transferred among the generations to come. S.M. Naveed stressed on

the need of an effectual literature that can help our generations to

understand the cultural and traditional norms of both countries.

Mr. Wang Zihai representing the Chinese friends expressed deep

gratitude for Mr. Husnain Nazish for explicating his experiences in an

enlivening manner in his travelogue. Mr. Wang said that China was

proud of being the best friend of a great country like Pakistan and

assured to continue his efforts for maintaining the sincere and

cordial relations with people of Pakistan.

Writer Mr. Husnain Nazish thanked Mr. S.M. Naveed, Mr. Wang and other

participants for appreciating his efforts. In his speech, Mr. Husnain

Nazish declared his travelogue a special tribute to the Chinese

community who have built friendship and lived in harmony with the

local people and made indispensable contributions to the economic and

social development of Pakistan. He expressed hope that all Chinese and

Pakistani brethren will carry forward the fine Chinese culture and

traditional virtues, reveal the spirit of diligence, bravery,

intelligence, and self-improvement, and make more contributions to a

better Pakistan by fulfilling friendship between China and Pakistan.

The ceremony ended with the huge appreciation and compliments for Mr.

Husnain Nazish and PCJCCI was also acknowledged by the participants

for appreciating every Endeavour to trigger friendship between China

and Pakistan.

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Publication:Daily the Pak Banker (Lahore, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Feb 3, 2018
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