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Appointments of new members and designation of the chair and vice chair of the Consumer Advisory Council.

The Federal Reserve Board, on January 9, 2004, named nine new members to its Consumer Advisory Council for three-year terms and designated a new chair and vice chair of the council for 2004.

The council advises the Board on the exercise of its responsibilities under the Consumer Credit Protection Act and on other matters in the area of consumer financial services. The council meets three times a year in Washington, District of Columbia.

Agnes Bundy Scanlan was designated chair; her term runs through December 2004. Ms. Scanlan is managing director and chief compliance officer for FleetBoston Financial.

Mark Pinsky was designated vice chair; his term on the council ends in December 2005. Mr. Pinsky is president and chief executive officer for the National Community Capital Association.

The nine new members are the following:

Dennis L. Algiere

Westerly, Rhode Island

Mr. Algiere is senior vice president of Compliance and Community Affairs and the community reinvestment officer for The Washington Trust Company. He is responsible for the bank's compliance, community affairs, community reinvestment, and Bank Secrecy Act programs.

Sheila Canavan

Berkeley, California

Ms. Canavan is an attorney with a law practice that focuses on consumer litigation. Her litigation experience has involved state and federal consumer regulation, elder abuse, fraud, and unfair and unlawful business practices; and she has special expertise in matters relating to subprime lending and securitization of home mortgage products. Ms. Canavan represents consumers, often lowincome consumers, on credit transaction issues.

Anne Diedrick

New York, New York

Ms. Diedrick is a senior vice president for JP Morgan Chase. She is an executive team member of the JPMorgan Chase Community Development Group; the senior officer in charge of Community Reinvestment Act compliance at JPMorgan Chase Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, USA, N.A., and J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.; and the senior manager in charge of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Fair Lending Unit. She is also responsible for the Office of Strategic Alliances, which works with not-for-profit community development organizations.

Hattie B. Dorsey

Atlanta, Georgia

Ms. Dorsey is the president and chief executive officer of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation that promotes community revitalization in Atlanta's neighborhoods. Her experience is in single-family and multifamily housing, community and economic development, regional equity, and public policy.

Bruce B. Morgan

Roeland Park, Kansas

Mr. Morgan is chairman, president, chief executive officer, and director of Valley State Bank. He is actively involved in bank regulation, payments systems, and developing technologies that affect bank delivery of products and services. Mr. Morgan serves on the Customer Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and on the Payment and Technology Committee of the Independent Community Bankers of America. He is a former member and past chairman of the Kansas State Banking Board.

Mary Jane Seebach

Newbury Park, California

Ms. Seebach is executive vice president and chief compliance officer for Countrywide Financial Corporation. She oversees legal and regulatory compliance programs throughout the enterprise. Previously, Ms. Seebach worked as regulatory counsel advising on state and federal consumer credit laws for Countrywide Home Loans, The Money Store, and North American Mortgage Company, and as a senior attorney for the Federal Reserve Board.

Paul J. Springman

Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Springman is group executive, Predictive Sciences, for Equifax. He has responsibility for providing modeling, analytical services, decisioning systems, and applications processing for clients. He has been involved in launching a new business line, "Consumer Direct," to provide credit information, account monitoring alerts, and scoring analysis services to consumers.

Forrest F. Stanley

Cleveland, Ohio

Mr. Stanley is senior vice president and associate general counsel for KeyBank. He has responsibility for all legal matters affecting retail banking including mortgage, home equity, credit and debit cards, privacy, the Community Reinvestment Act, e-commerce, and the USA Patriot Act. Mr. Stanley has also been director of two KeyBank subsidiaries, Champion Mortgage Company and Key Bank, USA.

He currently serves as chairman of the bank's Fair Lending Executive Committee.

Lori R. Swanson

St. Paul, Minnesota

Ms. Swanson is solicitor general for the Office of the Minnesota Attorney General. She is responsible for civil litigation and oversees several divisions including Consumer Enforcement, Commerce, and Consumer Services. She negotiated a first-of-its-kind settlement with a national bank in a lawsuit alleging violations of state consumer protection laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act based on disclosure of personal financial information.

Council members whose terms continue through 2004 are the following:

Janie Barrera, president and chief executive officer, ACCION Texas, San Antonio, Texas

Kenneth P. Bordelon, chief executive officer, E Federal Credit Union, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Robin Coffey, vice president, Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, Illinois

Thomas FitzGibbon, senior vice president, MB Financial Bank, N.A., Chicago, Illinois

Larry Hawkins, president and chief executive officer, Unity National Bank, Houston, Texas

Ruhi Maker, senior attorney, Public Interest Law Office of Rochester, Rochester, New York

Patricia McCoy, professor of law, University of Connecticut School of Law, Hartford, Connecticut

Elsie Meeks, executive director, First Nations Oweesta Corporation, Kyle, South Dakota

Debra S. Reyes, president, Neighborhood Lending Partners, Inc., Tampa, Florida

Benson Roberts, vice president for policy, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Washington, District of Columbia

Hubert Van Tol, co-director, Fairness in Rural Lending, Sparta, Wisconsin

Council members whose terms continue through 2005 are the following:

Susan Bredehoft, senior vice president, compliance risk management, Commerce Bank, N.A., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Dan Dixon, group senior vice president, World Savings Bank, FSB, Washington, District of Columbia

James Garner, senior vice president and general counsel, North American Consumer Finance, Citigroup, Baltimore, Maryland

R. Charles Gatson, vice president, Midtown Community Development Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri

W. James King, president and chief executive officer, Community Redevelopment Group, Cincinnati, Ohio

Benjamin Robinson III, senior vice president and strategy management executive, Bank of America, Charlotte, North Carolina

Diane Thompson, supervising attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc., East St. Louis, Illinois

Clint Walker, general counsel and chief administrative officer, Juniper Bank, Wilmington, Delaware
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