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Applied mathematical modeling.


Applied mathematical modeling.

Ed. by Eetu N. Virtanen.

Nova Science Publishers


349 pages




The edges that once defined this discipline are quickly melting away as researchers from virtually every discipline find ways to build concise, useful and, hopefully, relatively simple models. The 11 papers here reflect that diversity, covering such topics as fluid turbulence, heated round jets in cold-flowing ambient, the optimization of chemical processes, sub-cooling boiling flows, a second-order scheme of precise time-step integration for dynamic analysis featuring long-term integration and transient responses, exact theories of rectangular beams based on linear elasticity, a queuing model with a second optional service and with a Bernoulli vacation schedule, a discrete particle simulation of particulate systems, three-dimensional and turbulent convective heat transfer in a heat exchanger with circular pin fins, six turbulence models for prediction of a single-phase flow in a vessel stirred by a grid disc impeller, and algorithms for a nonlinear dynamic rational model identification and validation. References are provided and generally up-to-date.

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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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