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Applied Voice Technology Releases Major Upgrade of PhoneXpress, Its Voice and Call Processing System for Small to Mid-Sized Organizations.

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 3, 1996--Applied Voice Technology (NASDAQ: AVTC), the leading provider of LAN-based computer telephony systems, today began distributing Release 4.0 of its PhoneXpress(R) voice and call processing system.

Release 4.0 is a major new version of PhoneXpress, a product that provides full-featured automated attendant and voice mail functions for small to mid-sized organizations.

Chief among the new features are Live Reply(TM), which enables users to place a call to the sender of a message by pressing a touch-tone key; ANI/Caller ID Compatibility, which provides automatic identification of the calling party's number (ANI) as part of a message; Speech Recognition, which enables users to select menu options over the telephone by speaking the appropriate word or term into the receiver; and Fax Tone Detection, a cost-saving feature that eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line.

"PhoneXpress continues to offer the best possible price/performance ratio in voice messaging systems," said Richard J. LaPorte, CEO of AVT. "PhoneXpress is a key element in our commitment to deliver a broad product line that addresses all segments of the market including small, medium and large organizations. Moreover, PhoneXpress delivers many of the features found in our most advanced products."

"The flexibility, configurability and enhanced features of this new release keep PhoneXpress 4.0 ahead of its competitors," said Robert Simpson, president of Advanced Call Processing, an AVT reseller in San Diego. "In addition, PhoneXpress gives users an easy upgrade path to AVT's CTI (computer telephone integration) systems that include capabilities such as unified messaging and interactive voice response."

New Features of PhoneXpress Release 4.0

PhoneXpress Release 4.0 offers a host of new features for more effective call handling and message management. These include:

ANI/DNIS Compatibility. Where automatic number identification (ANI), or Caller ID, is available, PhoneXpress provides that information as part of the message envelope information. Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) information is used for call routing applications. For example, callers can be automatically routed to specific departments based on the DNIS information.

Live Reply(TM). AVT's Live Reply feature allows users to respond to a voice message in "real time." With Live Reply, users can listen to a message and press one key to transfer directly to the person who left the message.

Registered Mail(TM). PhoneXpress 4.0 enables users to request an automatic "return receipt" when sending a message. When the recipient accesses the message, PhoneXpress Release 4.0 notifies the sender that the message has been received.

Multiple Personal Greetings. Users can easily set up one greeting for busy conditions and a second greeting for all other conditions. With this feature, callers can determine whether the called party is momentarily unavailable because of a phone call, or is actually away from the office.

Speech Recognition. PhoneXpress enables subscribers to select menu options over the telephone by speaking the appropriate word or term into the receiver, or by using the telephone keypad. Speech recognition is a major benefit to international markets, which are the primary users of rotary dial telephones.

Fax Tone Detection. PhoneXpress uses Fax Tone Detection to eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line. When PhoneXpress detects a fax tone, it automatically routes the fax to a fax machine.

Other new features include: Ready, Set, Go!(TM) which provides an automatic subscriber tutorial that guides new users through system setup; Speed and Volume Control, which enables users to increase or decrease the speed or volume of any message; and QuickConnect(TM), which enables callers to transfer directly to a subscriber extension from the company directory with one key.

PhoneXpress Release 4.0 marks AVT's second major product upgrade this year. AVT recently began worldwide distribution of CallXpress3 Release 4.0, a major new version of its flagship product. CallXpress3(R) includes the new features of PhoneXpress as well as advanced computer telephony functions such as unified messaging, interactive voice response and call management.

Release 4.0 of PhoneXpress is available through AVT's channel of over 400 resellers. For more information, contact Applied Voice Technology at 206/820-6000, by fax at 206/820-4040, or by e-mail at

Applied Voice Technology Inc. develops, manufactures, markets and supports a broad line of open systems-based computer telephony products, including advanced CTI (computer telephone integration) software, basic call answering systems and voice messaging systems. CTI encompasses a wide range of products that unite the two most essential business instruments -- personal computers and telephones. A $3.5 billion industry, the CTI market is one of the fastest growing technology sectors. Founded in 1982, AVT is publicly traded under the symbol "AVTC" on the NASDAQ national market. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: News releases are available from AVT's Newsroom fax server. Call 206/820-4089 and follow the prompts. This is document number 77051. News releases can also be found on AVT's World Wide Web site at

(R)PhoneXpress is a registered trademark of Applied Voice Technology Inc. Live Reply, QuickConnect, Registered Mail and Ready, Set, Go! are trademarks of Applied Voice Technology Inc.

CONTACT: Applied Voice Technology

Gary Good, 206/820-6000, ext. 3475

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Date:Oct 3, 1996
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