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Applied Holographics loss increases.

In the same year Applied Holographies published its results for the year ended March 1995, which showed a loss increased to 670,000 [pounds sterling] on sales of 6.375 million [pounds sterling]. Applied also announced a rights issue to raise [pounds sterling]2.3 million and a separate issue of convertible loan stock to Inoco Ltd for 1.3 [pounds sterling] million to purchase a new vacuum metallising chamber. The 2.3 million [pounds sterling] was to be used for capital expenditure, working capital and to implement joint venture agreements with Nimbus CD International Inc, covering holographic CD technologies

Applied Holographies became Applied Optical Technologies following its acquisition of Optical Security Group in 1999, and was renamed OpSec Security in 2006. In 2014/15 it made profits of 1.01 million [pounds sterling] on sales of 61.30 million [pounds sterling].

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Date:Jul 1, 2015
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