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Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Signs VAR Agreement with ECSI International, Inc., Provider of Security Systems for Military and Homeland Security Programs.

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- Companies will Develop a New Generation of Security Access Systems

and Cards for the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense -

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN), a provider of proprietary embedded-DNA security applications, has signed an agreement with New Jersey-based ECSI International, Inc. (ECSI), a division of Electronic Control Security Inc. (OTCBB: EKCS), as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for product enhancement and distribution. A technology solution provider, ECSI is an integral part of the Department of Defense (DOD) security technology program, and was recently awarded a five-year contract having a projected value of $120,000,000 with the United States Air Force and the Department of Defense to secure their sensitive global military facilities. ECSI is recognized as an effective quality provider for both the military and Homeland Security Act program, and is a leader in force protection and perimeter security. ECSI will collaborate with Applied DNA Sciences to develop a new generation of Applied DNA Sciences' embedded DNA security access control system and cards for their market sectors.

The Force Protection Program office of the U.S. Air Force Electronic Systems Center accepted proposals for multiple award contracts in support of the Integrated Base Defense Security System program (IBDSS) in June of this year. The government has awarded four multiple award contracts (two full open contracts and two small business set asides). ECSI was awarded one of the small business set aside contracts.

The anti-counterfeit Applied DNA Security Access System is an award winning, state-of-the-art biotechnology system comprised of the Applied DNA(TM) Chip and Applied DNA(TM) Access Control Chip Reader. The security access system controls and prevents individual and corporate identity theft and unauthorized intrusion. The Applied DNA Chip provides a technological innovation in which combinations of plant DNA are embedded into a non silicon-based microchip using a proprietary technique.

"We are proud to be positioned to make a contribution to our nation's security and the security of our dedicated armed forces. ECSI has established solid credentials and our alliance will be mutually strengthening by providing an added layer onto ECSI's robust security offerings. This agreement opens avenues to the Federal government and the U.S. military," said Steve Rossetti, president of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.

ECSI will begin to install its premiere product lines designed to prevent unauthorized entry or access to large, medium and small military facilities. Their IBDSS program will be deployed October 2003 through September 2008 to protect classified facilities.

"We are very impressed with Applied DNA Sciences' advanced embedded-DNA technology, and look forward to enhancing their products for the IBDSS program and our existing distribution networks," said Arthur Barchenko, chief executive officer of ECSI International, Inc. "It's challenging for emerging companies to develop fully proprietary technology and then take it to the government sector. ECSI holds a strong position in South East Asia, the Middle East and Central America and is projecting growth in the US because of Homeland Security infrastructure requirements."

Applied DNA Technology

This exclusive biotechnology provides the ability to embed or apply combinations of natural plant DNA to globally patented products and applications. Proprietary production techniques process, encapsulate, protect, and stabilize plant DNA, then use the unique characteristics and combinations of these DNA sequences as a tool to differentiate and verify authenticity. There are hundreds of millions of base codes by combining and manipulating specific DNA from up to five plants. By amplifying the DNA sequences during analysis, the company is able to isolate and combine a unique string of DNA codes that become a fingerprint or traceable markings for any product. The technology is virtually impossible to replicate.

Embedded-DNA can be applied to specific media such as ink, paint, glue, polymers labels and incorporated into microchips. In doing this, the characteristics of DNA are used to tag and distinguish genuine products from counterfeits. The system of production ensures that DNA can remain stable for up too 100 years. This technology is applicable to a multitude of products such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, aviation and auto parts, software, hardware, consumer electronics, food, wine, fashion labels, jewelry, antiques and fine arts and food products, amongst many others.

About Electronic Control Security, Inc. (OTC BB: EKCS)

ECSI is a global leader in security and anti-terrorist systems. The company designs, manufactures and markets physical electronic security systems for high profile, high-threat environments. The employment of risk, threat and vulnerability assessment with risk analysis allows ECSI to determine and address the security needs of government installations, business organizations and corporate executives. The company has marketing agreements with Parsons, GE FANUC, Dell Computer, Visage, VISTA, M3 Technologies, Textron, Telephonics, General Atomics, Southwest Microwave, Goodrich, Foster Wheeler and other industry leaders. ECSI's corporate office is located at 790 Bloomfield Avenue, Bldg. C-1, Clifton, NJ 07012. Tel: 973-574-8555; Fax: 973-574-8562; or visit

About Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (OTCBB: APDN)

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. provides proprietary DNA-embedded biotechnology security applications, using non-human DNA, that verify authenticity and protect corporate and government agencies from counterfeiting, fraud, piracy, product diversion, identity theft and unauthorized intrusion. Applied DNA Sciences has an exclusive licensing and partnership agreement covering North America and Europe with Biowell Technology, Inc. ( of Taiwan. The company develops, markets, and sub-licenses DNA security systems, supply-chain management systems and anti-counterfeit solutions. Applied DNA Sciences' technology addresses the more than $350 billion of counterfeit products sold each year as well as the multi-billion dollar homeland security market. Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. is located at 9255 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90069. Tel: 310.860.1362; Fax: 310.860.1303; or visit

The statements made by Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (the Company) may be forward-looking in nature and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements describe the Company's future plans, projections, strategies and expectations, and are based on assumptions and involve a number of risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond the control of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Actual results could differ materially from those projected due to changes in interest rates, market competition, changes in the local and national economies, and various other factors. The Company undertakes no obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements to reflect new information, events or circumstances after the date hereof to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. Visit:
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