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Applications & Markets for GaN in Power Electronics 2019: Exhaustive Analysis of How GaN will Enter the Market.

M2 PRESSWIRE-September 10, 2019-: Applications & Markets for GaN in Power Electronics 2019: Exhaustive Analysis of How GaN will Enter the Market



The "Applications & Markets for GaN in Power Electronics 2019" report has been added to's offering.

An exhaustive analysis of how GaN will enter the power electronics market, which applications will adopt it and which devices will be used, as well as which players are ready to move to GaN. Get to know Gallium Nitride power electronics as it's coming. This is the first market report that talks about Gallium Nitride from user's point of view.

The researcher explored and interviewed potential users of GaN power device, and get them to tell us both the good and the bad about GaN. The semiconductor landscape is moving, and the GaN landscape with it. Don't stay still and get your copy of the best guide to GaN in power electronics to date.

This market report about Gallium Nitride in Power electronics features:

Market and applications investigated for this GaN Market report:

All market in which Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices have or will have an impact:

SMPS (Consumer chargers & adapters), EV, EV chargers & battery management, Cleantech (solar, battery chargers), UPS, motor control, White goods, Small electric mobility systems (bikes, scooters, skateboards or other similar systems), Wireless power transmission, Audio amplification

Market metrics to be included in the GaN Power electronics analysis:

- The market size in units and USD for devices, converters (Including relevant split by voltage, by power range, by package type)

- Technology analysis with:

- Review and explanation of GaN devices technologies available from main manufacturers (EPC corp, GaNsystems, Exagan, Powdec, Panasonic, Transphorm, and other relevant smaller players if their technology has a specific interest)

- Review and explanation of converters operation by application, and specific differences due to the use of GaN devices (e.g: Resonant conversion, Linear amplification, Active Clamp Flyback)

Gallium Nitride Market Analysis:

- Analysis of the history, founding, business models and potential strategy of main manufacturers of GaN devices (EPC corp, GaNsystems, Exagan, Powdec, Panasonic, Transphorm, and other relevant smaller players that have a specific interest)

- Analysis of the history, founding, business models and potential strategy of main converter makers.

- Focus on those willing to integrate GaN devices, or showing relevant innovation towards the use of GaN devices (FinSix, Avogy Zolt and others if needed)

It's not about the devices, it's about who will use them: What would you do with a GaN Transistor?

The semiconductor market is reshaping: the publisher has experienced more M&A in the last three years than ever (Fairchild, International Rectifier, Ixys), and that will soon include GaN market too. With International Rectifier acquired by Infineon, or the same Infineon signing a partnership with Panasonic, how will start-ups react? EPC Corp., Transphorm or the new French comer ExaGaN are shaking the business.

Navitas has released a GaN IC with an integrated driver and is flooding the after-market charger world with their devices and designs. GaN market's future is unclear to everybody. Acquisitions, partnerships, licensing everything can happen, and this report is your guide to these changes.

Why always speak about players and devices and performances, when the real question is What would you do with a GaN transistor?. The publisher analyzed the market from potential user's point of view and the publisher has seen interesting facts. Photovoltaic inverters, UPS, Hybrid and electric cars, light electric vehicles, lighting all these applications are said to be among the early adopters of GaN devices. The publisher went and fetched the proofs before believing what was said. This market report goes beyond the standard beliefs or GaN maker's fairy future. As facts are held by device users; the publisher interviewed them.

Gallium nitride is not a Silicon replacement, it's a Silicon improvement. It will allow new possibilities the publisher explored and will thoroughly present in this report.

Key Topics Covered:


GaN Power Devices Market Size & Forecast

GaN Devices Technology & Packaging

Applications of GaN Power Devices

Consumer Applications

- GaN in Laptop and Small power supplies

- GaN in Home Appliances

- GaN for Wireless Power

Industrial Applications

- Data center, telecom and server power supplies

- Motor drives

- GaN in UPS


- GaN in PV inverters

- GaN for Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)


- GaN for e-bikes

- GaN for Electric & Hybrid cars



Companies Mentioned


- Allos Semiconductor

- Apple inc.

- ASE inc.

- AT&S

- Avogy

- BeMitEc

- Cambridge electronics

- Enpahse


- EpiGaN

- Episil

- ExaGaN

- Finsix

- Fujitsu

- Furukawa electric

- GaNSystems


- Infineon

- International rectifier

- MicroGaN

- Navitas

- Neosens

- OkMetic

- Omron

- On semiconductor

- Panasonic

- Powdec

- Qorvo

- Samsung

- Schneider electric

- Sharp

- Siltronic


- ST Microelectronics

- Sumolight

- TEchnics

- Texas Instruments

- Topsil

- Toshiba

- Toyoda Gosei

- Transphorm


- VisIC

- Yaskawa

- Zolt

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Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager

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Publication:M2 Presswire
Date:Sep 10, 2019
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