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Application for Jobs of Regional Coordinators For Star Project.

Prequalification are invited for Application for Jobs of Regional Coordinators For Star Project: Kukes (1), Shkoder (1), Lezhe (1), Diber (1), Durres (1), Tirane (2), Elbasan (2), Fier (1), Vlore (2), Korce (2), Berat (1), Gjirokaster (1).

Duties and Responsibilities

Taking into consideration the varying number of communes and the large geographic extension of some of the qarks,

a number of 12+4 Regional Coordinators is suggested to properly and fully cover the territory. With this rationale,

each qark will have at least one Regional Coordinator except qarks which will require two Regional Coordinators each.

The main task of Regional Coordinators will be:

To support and facilitate the MLI staff field work with special attention to properly implementation of the

approved criteria for the administrative-territorial division within the Qarks;

To support and facilitate the work of Regional Committees with special attention to properly implementation of

the approved criteria for the administrative-territorial division within the Qarks;;

To collect, analyze and report to the MLI and Regional Committees of all relevant data and information

required for the purpose of the reform implementation;

To keep contacts and inform about reform implementation all stakeholders and LGUs representatives;

To carry out intensive public consultations with all local stakeholders and communities through reaching the

broad public in the territory, explaining the reform purpose and process, gathering community views and

seeking consensus for the reform. The role of regional coordinators is critical in mobilizing support as well as

ensuring bi-directional communication and feedback between central level officials and experts and the local

authorities and affected communities.

The consultation process itself will start with providing information to local communities and explain the concept of the reform. Before expressing their opinion people need to get basic information on: (i) reasons for the reform; (ii)

expected positive impact on their own community; (iii) potential risks and measures taken to minimize these risks.

Regional Coordinators tasked to conduct such public meetings should be able to provide concrete information through

plain language to ordinary citizens. This exercise will target all and every administrative territory. Requirements to be

met by every Regional Coordinator candidate will include residence in the respective qarks, a good acquaintance of

local situation and communities, the functioning of local government, as well as good public communication and

moderation skills and acceptability by all local stakeholders and political parties.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities of Regional Coordinators

Regional Coordinators, under the leadership and coordination of the Team Leader for Regional Coordination and the

Technical Secretariat will carry out the following key tasks:

Receive training by Techn

Tender documents : T20493146.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Jan 11, 2014
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