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Appliance Direct Goes Green with Garbage.

Melbourne, FL, February 20, 2013 --( Garbage disposals, that is. Garbage disposals are common in many American homes, but seldom thought of during a kitchen remodel. Refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers take the spotlight. However, garbage disposals are incredibly useful and as other major appliances have evolved over the years, so have they.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the average four person household in the United States disposes over 80 pounds of food per month. Most of that food gets sent to a landfill where it decomposes and produces methane gas, a greenhouse gas. By disposing of food with an under-sink garbage disposal, leftover food can be converted into a more liquid form which can then be sent to a water treatment plant to be recycled. Using a garbage disposal for all food waste is more environmentally friendly than sending it to a landfill.

The common view on under-sink garbage disposals is that they are loud and smelly. However disposals, like all appliances, work best when maintained properly. Here are a few techniques that work great to keep the odors out of your disposal.

* First, after running it, pour a bit of dish soap inside and let the disposal run for a minute or so.

* Second, run it regularly. Since disposing of your food waste through a garbage disposal is environmentally friendly, there is no harm in using it after every meal.

* Third, use a strong flow of cold water while it is running. This will solidify grease particles and make it easier for your garbage disposal to chop them up, thus keeping your grease trap cleaner.

When shopping for a new garbage disposal, it is important to consider the size of the family that will be using it. For a family of 2, a 1/2 horse power disposal should suffice. For families of 3 or 4, a 3/4 horse power disposal is recommended. Families of 5 or more should consider buying a 1 horse power disposal due to the larger amount of food waste it will be dealing with. Something else to take note of when shopping for garbage disposals is compatibility with your dishwasher. Many people connect their dishwasher with their garbage disposal, which will grind up any leftover food waste that was put into the dishwasher. This setup keeps the dishwasher cleaner as well as the plumbing, so make sure the garbage disposal has a dishwasher connection.

"Out of the many different brands, Appliance Direct has found that KitchenAid makes the best built and longest lasting garbage disposals," says Sam Pak, C.E.O. of Appliance Direct. Compared to generic, builder-grade disposals, KitchenAid disposals are quieter and made with better materials that last much longer such as a stainless steel shredder ring (compared to the galvanized found in other models) and corrosion resistant grind and drain chambers. On some of their high-end units, KitchenAid even offers a seven year warranty. Right now Appliance direct is offering an $85.00 installation special with the purchase of a dishwasher and garbage disposal, which includes delivery, haul off and installation of both appliances. When remodeling the kitchen or replacing a dishwasher, remember to check the garbage disposal. An efficient disposal will make meal preparation and clean up much smoother.

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Date:Feb 20, 2013
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