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Apple in a strudel set-top boxes and remote locks, was rated; PS14bn fall in value risk from bug and as Mac security in glitch hits iPhone6.


IT'S a week that executives at tech giant Apple would like to forget...

After a series of setbacks the share price dropped yesterday by 3.5%, wiping PS14billion off the company's value.

Hot on the heels of the theft of naked shots of stars from their iCloud storage came two more headaches guaranteed to keep the company's techies up all night.

An update for its latest range of luxury iPhone 6 mobiles locked customers out, or prevented them from taking or making calls, and was ditched.

Then cyber experts revealed they had uncovered a bug this week, unnoticed for 25 years, called Shellshock which leaves Mac computers open to hack attacks.

The bug, which could affect 500 million devices, including, routers, websites, TV set-top boxes and remote locks, was rated severity level 10 by the US Government.

Cybersecurity expert Tod Beardsley said: "Attackers can potentially take over operating systems, access confidential data and make changes."

Shellshock's impact could be far worse than the Heartbleed bug earlier this year.

University of Surrey security researcher Prof Alan Woodward said: "This gives direct access. The door's wide open."

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 26, 2014
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