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Apple iWatch to Follow 'Round' Design of Moto 360; Google's Blink-And-You'll-Miss-It 'Logo' Change.

Two interesting news from California-based tech giants Apple and Google are making waves in the internet space. The first news is the new design of Apple's upcoming iWatch and the other news is Google's unperceivable official logo change.

Apple iWatch Design

Apple's wearable gadget, the iWatch is back in news with a design change. According to ( Business Insider , Brian Blair, an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities said that Apple's iWatch is going to house a round design/dial and it will look like a regular watch.

The same source also reported that the iWatch will look similar to the most-anticipated Motorola Moto 360. According to ( Mashable , the main reason for Motorola's decision to opt for a round design instead of the ordinary square design is the additional 'usable area' the round design offers on the wrist.

Nevertheless, the watch design will not be as bulky as Moto 360; instead, it will sport a 'slimmer' design.

According to ( reports , Apple will start the production of iWatch around July or August. In addition, there could be multiple variants (one for women and one for men) of the iWatch in the offing.

It is worth noting that, Blair had earlier predicted that the forecast for iWatches would be around 15 to 20 million units but now the estimate is increased to 18 to 21 million units.

Google's Logo Change

( Mashable says Google updated its official logo with a nearly unperceivable change last weekend. Nevertheless, the change was quickly spotted by Reddit users. Apparently, the search giant Google shifted the second 'g' and the letter 'l' from the logo towards the right and in addition, the letter 'l' was lowered a little.

The same tech Web site got an acknowledgement from Google stating that, the company is happy to see users acknowledge the slightest of the change. The search giant also said that the small change to the logo is to make it look sharper irrespective of the screen resolution.

Did you notice the logo change? Feel free to leave a comment.
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Date:May 30, 2014
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