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Apple iPhone XR 2 Features: What To Expect.

Apple has yet to announce the full specs and hardware of their upcoming smartphone release this September. However, benchmarks of a new Apple device has been obtained and tested for its overall performance. Here's what to expect the Apple iPhone XR 2 specs and features according to the data.

A new record has appeared on the benchmark site Geekbench for a certain ( "iPhone 12,1." Apple has yet to release any announcement about device launched with this name. This iPhone 12,1 could be the upcoming iPhone XR 2 or latest 2019 iPhone expected to be released this September.

The device's motherboard ID N104AP posted on Geekbench's site matches with previous reports about insider reports about Apple's upcoming smartphone release this year. So far, Apple has yet to show a big teaser for their next flagship iPhone this 2019.

The iPhone 12,1 has a Single-Core Score of 5415 and Multi-Core Score of 11294. This score is better than the iPhone XR's 4796 Single-Core Score and 11192 Multi-Core Score. The new iPhone is said to sport a 4GB RAM which could further help its processing power and a dual-camera setup on its back.

At best, the upcoming ( Apple smartphone this late 2019 will be a better smartphone similar how most of the company's annual device releases does. However, the improved specs on the iPhone XR 2 may not happen if Apple doesn't start announcing anything soon.

Many fans are only hoping for the company to release a new device this month. Apple has been focused on releasing new services and subscription this 2019. No major announcements have come out yet for the 2019 iPhone's release. Fans are only looking forward throughout the month of September as ( Apple has previously released devices under this month.

For now, fans can only look forward throughout the whole month of September if Apple is truly planning to release anything new this year. In the past months, Apple's newest iterations of their devices have been released silently and just showed up on their news page without grand reveals to the public. This trend could be possible with the new Apple mindset as the company's moves forward into the software services and subscription industry.

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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Sep 4, 2019
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