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Apple iPhone 6's A8 Processor will be Accompanied by New Co-Processor Called Phosphorus.

According to fresh rumours coming from GeekBar, the Apple iPhone 6's A8 processor will be accompanied by a new co-processor named as "Phosphorous". The new co-processor would function in the same way as it did in the iPhone 5S that came out last year.

The iPhone 5S features a main processor called the A7 processor and it is accompanied by an extra chip called the M7 co-processor. The M7 chip is present on different iDevices such as iPad Air and iPad Mini 2.

The function of that M7 co-processor is to gather information from the different sensors present on the handset such as the accelerometer and the gyroscope and transfer the information to the main processor.

The new iPhone 6 will also feature a co-processor and it is given the code name Phosphorous. Speculations have it that the new co-processor is powerful enough to gather more information than the predecessor chip.

It will be able to communicate with different wearables and health sensors present on the next generation iPhone and fetch information such as cholesterol levels and heart rate. The gathered data will be passed on to the main A8 chip so that can it be utilized by the new Apple HealthKit service.

Users will be able to feed information into the HealthKit app manually and also the app will be able to automatically fetch information through different wearables and accessories. The talk about the new co-processor is coming from GeekBar which is the very same source that revealed that the iPhone 6 will come housed with 1GB RAM and will be available as 128GB variant.

GeekBar also added that the new co-processor would be able to count burnt calories and measure blood sugar levels. Apple is yet to reveal any information on Phosphorous and as of now there is no information available on the technical specifications of the new chip.

The iWatch is speculated to come out as a health centric device which will come with multiple sensors to gather information from different parts of the body. We are not sure when the iWatch will come out in the market but the HealthKit service is all set to launch with iOS 8.

The Apple iPhone 6 is poised to get unveiled in the coming month. According to the ongoing speculations, the iPhone 6 will be available in two size variants, namely a 4.7inch iPhone 6 and 5.5inch handset which may come out as iPhone 6L. Both the handsets are expected to come with improved design and enhanced camera.

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Date:Aug 26, 2014
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