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Apple iOS 7.1: 10 Steps to Hide Folders And Apps From Your iPhone And iPad.

A newly discovered glitch in iOS 7.1 for iPhones and iPads can help hide your apps and folders from prying eyes or even from kids.

There are times when we need a couple of folders or unwanted apps to be kept private, although we may not want to delete them entirely from the device; this is where the glitch found in iOS 7.1 comes handy.

( According to iDeviceHelpus's Youtube page , a glitch in iOS 7.1 will let users hide those apps and folders.

For this to take effect, you need to download the latest version of iOS 7.1. Here are the steps collated from ( Huffington Post , ( Tuaw , and ( 9to5mac .

10 Steps to Hide Apps/Folders

1. Firstly, find the apps/folders that you would like to hide.

2. Place them all into a new folder (let's call it, "ABC") by dragging them on top of one another.

3. Make sure the dock at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad is completely full with icons.

4. Press down on an app icon to turn on the "wobble mode". In this mode, all the icons wiggle, so as to move the icons around easily.

5. The hardest step ahead: i.e. making a folder within a folder (nested folder).

Create another folder (let's call it, "XYZ") and drag any two random app icons on top of each other into the folder. Then quickly (sic) drag the folder with the apps that needs to be hidden (ABC folder) into the newly created folder (XYZ folder).

Now you have a folder within a folder.

6. Make sure to remove the two random apps added in the main folder (i.e. XYZ folder), so that the only item left in the main folder will be the folder containing apps waiting to be hidden (i.e. ABC folder).

Upon navigating back to the home screen, the folder will look blank.

7. This is an important point: make sure your home screen is full and has no other folders except for the blank one you just created.

If there is any space left in the home screen, drag any random app from your phone into that empty spot and fill the screen.

8. Get into the main folder (XYZ folder) and highlight the folder with apps to be hidden (ABC folder) so that you can move it. Now drag folder ABC out of folder XYZ & out to the home screen.

9. This will make the main folder (XYZ) to disappear within a second. The moment the main folder XYZ disappears, release the folder with apps to be hidden (ABC) in the home screen.

10. Instead of finding a new location on the home screen (now that you have released the folder ABC), it will disappear completely.

You will not find them anywhere, on any screen or within any folder.

Is There a Way to Locate the Hidden Apps/Folders?

You can access them with the help of iOS search feature from the home screen. Type the name of the hidden app in the search bar, you will find the app listed.

How to Bring Back the Hidden Apps/Folders?

You can get back the apps/folders by just restarting the device.

You can use this trick to hide any apps or folders. Regardless, Apple will fix this glitch with its next iOS update.
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Date:Apr 1, 2014
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